NBA2K4LIFE is searching for NBA writers

Soon we will create a new category on the site named “NBAToday” for real NBA news.

So, nba2k4life is looking for passionate NBA fans, who have a knack for writing. If you love basketball and want to share your thoughts and opinions with other fans, nba2k4life is the place to be.

We are always on the lookout for talented writers who love to talk about the NBA. If you are a journalism student with an interest in basketball then this may be an ideal opportunity to get some experience under your belt and have something extra to add to your C.V.

In return, we are looking for a writer that not only has a passion for the sport, but also knows what he’s talking about. We love when our writers share their opinion — that’s what we’re all about — but you have to be able to back it up with actual knowledge.

Tryout Format:

  • How many articles can you post per week?
  • Please send an article you’ve written before.

Good luck, we hope you’ll join NBA2K4LIFE team soon!