NBA 2K17 Gameplay – Pacers vs Raptors Full 4 Quarters

Here is a full 4 quarters footage of Raptors and Pacers in NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 – Momentous Trailer

The yearly “Momentous” trailer is here..and it is fire as usual, check it out for yourself  

NBA 2K17 Gameplay – Lakers vs Wolves Full 4 Quarters

We finally have full 4 quarters footage provided by 2K’s official stream. Watch the Lakers take on the Wolves  

NBA 2K17 Gameplay – 2004 Pistons vs Warriors

Here is some NBA 2K17 gameplay footage featuring the 2004 Pistons and the current Warriors.  

NBA 2K17 – Ugliest Face Scans From Around The Internet

Now that 2K is allowing people to use their phones to face scan their face, we are getting a lot more people trying this out..that means a lot of face scan fails as well. These are some of the ugliest face scans from around the...

NBA 2K17 – MyTeam Trailer + Blog

2K released a MyTeam pack opening trailer just now, showing how the process will be this year. Trailer was not the only thing released today, here is a great blog by Peter Cornforth of 2K explaining MyTeam in NBA 2K17. Big Shoe...

NBA 2K17 – 20 Ways To Flop In The Game

NBA 2K17 will have 20 different animations on how to flop in the game..which one is your favorite?      

NBA 2K17 (VIDEO) – 2001 Sixers vs Raptors Gameplay

More Gameplay is being released by the media, here is some Allen Iverson and the 2001 Sixers gameplay taking on the current Raptors