NBA 2K13 MyCareer : VC Jr Rocking The Most Beasting Shoes in 2K13 ! | Shoe Deal Has Been Signed !

Vince Carter Jr is finally making his decision between Jordan and Nike. He was contemplating going with Jordan due to a very exciting offer, the lead role in a remake of Space Jam ! … but then he got a few suprise message...

NBA 2K13 tutorial: How to Get Drafted #1 in MyCareer mode

You play frequently NBA 2K13 in MyCareer mode but you are not able to get  drafted #1! Check out this Chrissmoove video tutorial. He gives you some advices to get drafed finally at the first position. You can watch Chrissmoov...

NBA 2K13 AllStars : Shawn Kemp Killing The AllStars ? | Full On Slam Dunk Exhibition By The AllStars

The NBA 2K13 Commentary All-Stars are back ! Here is the breakdown of the completed team: (In some cases I switched the positions so the players fit better into the team) ➜ Chris Smoove (PG) –

NBA 2K Throwback Wednesday : The TALLEST Player Ever In NBA 2K12 ! | + 25 ft My Player

Taking a look back into one of my previous episodes. In this episode we take a look at the tallest NBA 2K12 My Player in history of the Utah Jazz. I assume he is 25 feet plus in height … being so tall does have its advant...

NBA 2K Throwback Wednesday : The SHORTEST Player Ever In NBA 2K12 ! | Under 0’5” My Player ?

Taking a look back into one of my previous episodes. We take a look into the life and struggles of my 1 foot tall My Player “Shorty”. Alright guys, I hope you enjoy this episode. 😉 Cheers Nike

NBA 2K13 MyCareer : The New Orleans PELICANS | Gameplay Preview | Vince Carter Jr. Dreaming Of 2014

Vince Carter Jr is tired of all the extra things and activities a basketball player has to endure outside of playing basketball. Its exhausting and right before hoping on his flight to the next game Vince Carter Jr falls asleep...