NBA 2K18 – DeMar DeRozan, Devin Booker, & D’Angelo Russell Ratings Revealed

DeMar DeRozan, Devin Booker, and D’Angelo Russell were the 3 guys to have their ratings revealed today. DeRozan is a 89, Devin Booker is a 86, D’Angelo is a 80.   Watch them react to it below  

NBA 2K18 – Kyrie Irving & Paul George Rating Revealed, Both React To It

More ratings are being revealed, Kyrie Irving will be a 90, Paul George will be a 91. Watch Paul George and Kyrie Irving react to their ratings below.       Click here to see Joel Embiid’s and IT’s r...

NBA Jam 2K17 – 2017 Rosters Gameplay & Download

The guys at Hogs with a Blog have updated NBA Jam with 2017/2K17 rosters. All your favorite players from today are in the game, and some teams that were not in the NBA back then.   You can watch some gameplay here   ...

NBA 2K17 – NBA 2KTV Answers, Week 12

Here are the correct answers to this week’s NBA 2KTV Episode.  

NBA 2K17 – NBA 2KTV Answers, Week 11

Here are the correct answers to this week’s NBA 2KTV Episode  

You Can Use A Jet Pack In NBA 2K17

2K adds a lot of cool things if you hit a high rep level on their Park Mode. OrlandoInChicago hit Superstar 5 rep level on MyPark and was able to purchase a Jet Pack. Watch him fly this in the game..

NBA 2K17 – NBA 2KTV Answers, Week 10

Here are the correct answers for NBA 2K17’s Week 10 episode of NBA 2KTV  

NBA 2K17 – After Dark Park Trailer Feat. Snoop Dogg

  NBA 2K has finally revealed their After Dark feature for MyPark mode. This trailer features music, dunk contests, 3 point contests and Snoop Dogg.   2K today announced that NBA® 2K17, the latest iteration of the to...