#NBA2K16 Locker Codes – Free VC Coins + Random Item

Locker Codes might be different this year with NBA2K interactive. You have to go to NBA 2Ktv and answer the questions correctly in order to unlock VC or Random Items.   Here is a video showing you the right answers to this...

#NBA2K16 vs #NBA2K15 Legends Face Comparison (VIDEO)

Here are the legends face comparison, most of them are the same..they did fix some.  

NBA 2K16 vs NBA 2K15 Graphics/Face Comparisons

Here is a full NBA 2K16 vs NBA 2K15 graphics/face comparison, which game has better graphics?

#NBA2K16 – ’13 Lebron James vs ’96 Jordan 1v1 Blacktop (VIDEO)

If both Lebron James and Jordan were in their prime, who would win in a 1v1 blacktop match?   Check out the video below and let us know

#NBA2K16 vs #NBALIVE16 Finals Celebration Comparison (VIDEO)

Here is a comparison of the NBA finals celebration presentation between NBA 2K16 and NBA LIVE 16, which game has the better presentation? Let us know!      

#NBA2K16 – NBA Finals Celebration Feat. Golden State Warriors (VIDEO)

Here is how the NBA Finals Championship Celebration looks like in NBA 2K16