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NBA 2K15 Video – Momentous Trailer

If you weren’t excited already, here is the brand new NBA 2K15 Momentous Trailer to fill your appetite! Featuring the work of Momentous. Take a look at the entire video below and let us know in the comments what you think.


NBA 2K15 – MyCareer Mentors Trailer

Mentors are back in the game, but this time you can actually listen to them. There will be a mentor for each team in MyCareer and here are some examples of how you and your mentor will interact in the game…


Pharrell Williams Courtside Scene in NBA 2K15

Check out the man himself, Pharrell Williams sitting court-side chatting with your MyPlayer in this scene. A pretty cool cameo…



NBA 2K dropped their first preview of MyCareer featuring Chris Smoove. You will be Undrafted Play for teams with 10 days contract Have a choice to choose more than 1 voice for your MyPlayer Season starts in January not October ...

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NBA 2K15 Gameplay – Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs

Check out the latest NBA 2K15  video, featuring the Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs. Play in 720p for best quality.


NBA 2K15 Tutorial – How To Scan Your Face, What You Need! PC will not have Face Scan

2K has released this quick video showing you step by step on how to scan your face the right way.. You will need either a Playstation Eye Camera or a Kinect. 2K has also confirmed that this feature will only be exclusive to PS4...


NBA 2K15 lets you scan your face in the game, learn how!

2K Sports will finally introduce face scanning to the game which is similar to EA’s gameface, you will now be able to scan your face into the game and have an authentic MyPlayer.. Check out the video below on how to put y...

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NBA 2K15 Cavs vs Lakers gameplay feat Kobe Bryant and Lebron James

Check out this video featuring Cavs and Lakers which was shot in Madrid, this video shows the new Lakers sleeved Hollywood jerseys and some Kobe Bryant. Enjoy