#NBA2K16 – Kareem Abdul Jabbar will be in the game

Today 2K’s Germany facebook released some MyTeam pictures and information, Kareem Abdul Jabbar was one of the cards in those pictures. Now we don’t know if he will only be in MyTeam like some players last year, or ...

#NBA2K16 – Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Clippers 5v5 Gameplay (VIDEO)

Check out James Harden and the Houston Rockets take on Chris Paul and the Clippers in this WCF rematch in NBA 2K16.   Watch Pelicans vs Thunder here Watch Bulls vs Grizzlies here Watch Cavs vs Warriors here

#NBA2K16 – Chicago Bulls vs Memphis Grizzlies 5v5 Gameplay (VIDEO)

Check out this NBA 2K16 5v5 gameplay footage of Chicago Bulls and the Memphis Grizzlies.   Watch Cavs vs Warriors here Watch Pelicans vs Thunder here Watch Rockets vs Clippers here

#NBA2K16 – New Orleans Pelicans vs OKC Thunder 5v5 Gameplay (VIDEO)

Check out the New Orleans Pelicans take on the OKC Thunders in this 5v5 gameplay video from NBA 2K16. Watch Cavs vs Warriors here Watch Bulls vs Grizzlies here Watch Rockets vs Clippers here

#NBA2K16 – Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors 5v5 Gameplay

We have our first official 5v5 NBA 2K16 gameplay, check out the Cleveland Cavaliers taking on the Golden State Warriors.   Watch Bulls vs Grizzlies here Watch Pelicans vs Thunder here Watch Rockets vs Clippers here

#NBA2K16 – Greg Anthony will replace Steve Kerr as the commentator

Looks like Greg Anthony of NBA TV/TNT will be replacing Steve Kerr as the 3rd commentator in NBA 2K16. .@GregAnthony50 is third commentator in #NBA2K16. — Dustin Toms (@Dustin_Toms) September 10...

#NBA2K16 – Which of the 12 classic teams added is your favorite?

  Now that we know all 12 classic teams added to NBA 2K16, which one is your favorite and the one you will play with most? Are you satisfied with the 12 teams or still disappointed that your favorite team wasn’t adde...

#NBA2K16 – Pre-Game, Half-Time, & Post-Game Shows..Kenny Smith joins Shaq & Ernie!

Kenny Smith will join Shaq and Ernie in NBA 2K16 where they will have Pre-game, Post-Game, and Half-Time discussions