NBA 2K13 Impressions By Chris Smoove (Part 1)

Yesterday Chris Smoove played 2k13. Check out this video to know his first impressions about 2k13. He discuss about the new shot blocking system, rebounding, dribbling, speed and passing. Unfortunately Chris Smoove was not allo...

NBA 2K13 Gameplay (Miami Heat vs. OKC Thunder) from Gamescom

Check out  this short clip taken from Gamescom features the Miami Heat and the Okc Thunder. It’s very short but it allow us to see that the passing and defense is improved greatly! Think to watch in HD because it’...

The Dream Team in NBA 2K13

After the logical victory of the American team at London’s Olympic Games, 2K Sports decided to send us back in 1992 with this image of the Dream Team!

FIBA 2K12: USA vs SPAIN – Gold Medal Match – London 2012 Olympics

Video by NikeFaller This video features gameplay between Spain and Team USA Men’s Basketball from the 2012 London Olympics played on FIBA 2K12, a new mod for NBA 2K12 on PC. Its a preview of who might win the match for th...

NBA 2K13 First gameplay Footage and Screenshots

Today, 2K Sports unveiled the first screenshots and new gameplay footage of NBA 2K13. One of the major changes made to NBA 2K13 was switching the shot stick, normally the default right stick, to the control stick. Now moving th...

NBA 2K13 Kevin Durant Interview – Talks about his 95 rating

Kevin Durant joined Ronnie2K to talk basketball and his 95 rating in NBA 2K13!

Blake Griffin Interview – Talks about his 87 rating in NBA 2K13

Blake Griffin joined Ronnie2K to talk basketball and his rating of a 87 in NBA 2K13!