NBA 2K13 Trailer – All Star Week End | Feat. Gameplay from Houston 2013 Arena

NBA 2K13 trailer showcasing what we can expect for the 2013 All-Star (AllStar) weekend in Houston. This trailer was made by NikeFaller (fanmade) using NBA 2K12 gameplay footage. Follow NikeFaller on Twitter!

NBA 2K13 Developer video Part 4, Discussion About My Career

Check out what NBA 2K13 has in store in My Career mode, focusing on your player’s life both on and off the court. Featuring producer Erick Boenisch and the MyCAREER of Ronnie2K .

NBA 2K13 Official Trailer

If you weren’t excited already, here is the brand new NBA 2K13 Official Trailer to fill your appetite! Featuring the work of Momentous. Check out the official trailer of NBA 2K13:

NBA 2K13 Screenshots

Check out all the NBA 2K13  screenshots which have been released so far.

NBA 2K12 – Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant (Shady00018)

Check out the latest NBA 2K12 video from Shady00018, “Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant”! As always, Shady uses the NBA 2K12 Ultimate Base roster which is only available on PC.

NBA 2K13 Features The Shoe Creator

IGN has posted their NBA 2K13 preview discussing some of the new additions to the game, including The Shoe Creator. Visual Concepts spent perhaps the most amount of time during my demo showing me their craziest feature yet: th...

NBA 2K13 Gameplay – Miami heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Check out the new NBA 2K13 Gameplay footage  features the Miami Heat and The Los Angeles Lakers. Your thoughts about the new gameplay footage?

NBA 2K13 – New Pregame Rituals, Personalized Closet & Social Media

NBA 2K13 brings in new screenshots for my career and shows new pregame rituals where you can do such thing as handstands and powder toss or more. NBA 2K13 also introduces a personalized closet where you choose what you want to ...