NBA 2K13 Developer Insight #5 – (MyTEAM)

Take a look at the brand new NBA 2K13 MyTEAM mode! Find out what it takes to build the perfect MyTEAM. What are your thoughts on the new mode?

NBA 2K13 – Some more Ratings with Lebron James and Top 20 NBA 2K13 Players

Some crazy ratings… you can see several team ratings .. also these are the top 20 players Who do you think should have a higher rating and who do you think should have a lower one?? Duncan over Parker? Parker player inc...

NBA 2K13 – Memphis Grizzlies vs. OKC Thunder Gameplay

This was captured when Marc Gasol was promoting NBA2K in  Spain I believe. Well we want to keep you guys updated with the latest 2k info/videos.. So here you go..  it is in Spanish and if you don’t understand just s...

NBA 2K13 – Demo & New Gameplay News II Dwight Howard Rated 96

The NBA 2K13 demo arrives next Tuesday, September 25th for 360 and PS3, featuring one quarter of play between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat. Dwight Howard rating is 96 in NBA2K13 .. should he be rated that high?? Ye...

NBA 2K13 Kinect Trailer

NBA 2K13 features Kinect voice recognition for the first time in NBA 2K history! Check out the new Kinect Trailer to see play-calling, substitutions and more in action.

NBA 2K13 – Dream Team vs 2012 Team Gameplay Trailer

So who Will Wins? Dream team or 2012 team!

NBA 2K13 All player ratings

Check out all the player ratings in NBA 2K13: Michael Jordan 99 LeBron James 98 Dwight Howard 96 Allen Iverson 95 Kevin Durant 94 Chris Paul 94 Kobe Bryant 93 Dwyane Wade 93 Carmelo Anthony 92 Derrick Rose 92 Rajon Rondo 90 Der...