NBA 2K13 Developer Insight #6 – Shoes

Learn all about shoes in NBA 2K13 in the latest Developer Video, including visual improvements, more brands available and the customizable Shoe Creator.

NBA 2K13 – Brooklyn Nets Intro

Check out the Brooklyn Nets intro in NBA 2K13!

NBA 2K13 – Advanced Controls (Xbox 360 and PS3)

Check out some screenshots of the advanced controls for NBA 2K13 from Mike Wang. Go check out the demo today and practice with the brand new Control Stick! Xbox 360: Playstation 3:

NBA 2K13 – Controls Trailer

‎NBA 2K13 introduces the brand new Control Stick. Check out the Controls Trailer to learn more about the Control Stick and how to dominate on the court.

NBA 2K13 – Greatest Games With Current Players & Legends

In the latest NBA 2K13 reveal, the ios game revealed few pics and one of them was greatest games with current players and legends. If i had to choose a game i would say kobe 81 points.. What game would you like to see any playe...

NBA 2K13 Developer Insight #5 – (MyTEAM)

Take a look at the brand new NBA 2K13 MyTEAM mode! Find out what it takes to build the perfect MyTEAM. What are your thoughts on the new mode?