NBA 2K13 Intro Video

Check out the official NBA 2K13 intro! What do you think?

NBA 2K13 – Lakers vs Heat II Justin Bieber in the crowd

They put justin instead of jack or others? i would have personally added jack and clipper darell to clippers.. so far jayz and justin have been confirmed to be in the crowd Also 50 likes on video = celebs game-play for nba2k4...

NBA 2K13 Association and Online Association news

2K Sports has just released some NBA 2K13 association and online association details. Offline Association: New interface (the landing screen for the mode), information such as league leaders, injuries, standings are VE...

NBA 2K13 – Dream Team vs 2012 Team Gameplay

Check out this gameplay from NBA 2K Stream Feature the Dream Team and the 2012 olympic team.

NBA 2K13 – Brooklyn Nets Gameplay From NBA2K Stream

Check out this gameplay taken from NBA 2K Stream feature the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets.

NBA 2K13 Developer Insight #6 – Shoes

Learn all about shoes in NBA 2K13 in the latest Developer Video, including visual improvements, more brands available and the customizable Shoe Creator.

NBA 2K13 – Brooklyn Nets Intro

Check out the Brooklyn Nets intro in NBA 2K13!