NBA 2K17 – Ugliest Face Scans From Around The Internet

Now that 2K is allowing people to use their phones to face scan their face, we are getting a lot more people trying this out..that means a lot of face scan fails as well. These are some of the ugliest face scans from around the...

NBA 2K17 – MyTeam Trailer + Blog

2K released a MyTeam pack opening trailer just now, showing how the process will be this year. Trailer was not the only thing released today, here is a great blog by Peter Cornforth of 2K explaining MyTeam in NBA 2K17. Big Shoe...

NBA 2K17 (VIDEO) – 2001 Sixers vs Raptors Gameplay

More Gameplay is being released by the media, here is some Allen Iverson and the 2001 Sixers gameplay taking on the current Raptors  

NBA 2K17 The Prelude – Full MyCareer Movie (VIDEO)

You can watch the full MyCareer “The Prelude” movie here. A lot of people didn’t have the opportunity to get it or play on PC, if you want to watch the storyline, you can view it here.      

NBA 2K17 – Joker Face Scan

If you were wondering if mask work with face scan, I tried it..and got a “GREAT RESULT”. Actually came out way better than me trying to get my own face in.      

NBA 2K17 VIDEO – All New Shoes (Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour & More)

Here are some of the best shoes you can purchase in the game, all 3d scanned  

NBA 2K17 – Full MyPlayer Closet and Store

Here is the MyPlayer closet showing off the clothes and the store where you can purchase variety of items including teams. Dream Team will cost around 5K.      

NBA 2K17 Tutorial – How To Get The Prelude For PS4 & XB1

NBA 2K17 Prelude is now out for both PS4 and XB1 officially. The prelude features a portion of MyCareer, MyPlayer Inventory, MyPlayer Appearance, 2K Store, and 2KU with Coach K. Here is a tutorial on how to get the free game fo...