NBA 2K17 – Authentic Crowds Trailer

  Brand new NBA 2K17 trailer showing the authentic crowds, sounds, and atmosphere throughout the NBA..   Here are some screenshots from the trailer  

NBA 2K17 – TOP 5 Things To Look For In Blacktop Mode

Here are the top 5 things/features you will see in this year’s black top mode  

NBA 2K17 – Top 10 Things To Look For In NBA 2K17 MyCareer Mode

NBA 2K released a huge blog today on MyCareer news…   Here are the top 10 things to look for in NBA 2K17 MyCareer    

NBA 2K17 – Kicks Matter Trailer Showing Off The New 3D Scanned Sneakers (Video)

Here is a brand new NBA 2K17 trailer showing off the fresh kicks which are 3d scanned for the first time.      

NBA 2K17 – Community Day Impressions & Feedback (Videos)

2K had a community event are the videos from the Youtubers giving their impressions and feedback from playing the game. Will update this as they release the videos.   JFox Entertainment RedCityBoi2K16 Opera...

NBA 2K17 – Leaked Team USA + Ben Simmons Footage

More leaked footage is rolling out, here is some footage showing Team USA and Ben Simmons. Shoutout to Erockin510 for the videos.      

NBA 2K17 – Tons of Game Details From the Media Day Presentation

2K is doing a media day and we have bunch of news rolling is a German journalist who was invited and gave his impressions. Send him a thank you for all this information.   NBA 2K17 wi...

NBA 2K17 – Team Select, Cavs/Magic/Lakers/Wolves Overall, & Harden Leaked Screenshots

Here are some leaked screenshots today thanks to rekrap13 from NBA 2K reddit.   Cavs 2nd overall                           Magic 23rd overall    ...