NBA 2K17 – NBA 2KTV Answers, Week 8

Here are the correct answers for episode 8, in this episode you can also get a Gary Payton MyTeam Card.  

NBA2K17 vs NBA2K16 – Stephen Curry Shooting/Layup Animation Comparison

A comparison of Stephen Curry’s jumpshot and layup between NBA 2K17 and NBA 2K16.       See how the shooting motion compares to the previous game.

NBA 2K17 vs NBA 2K16 Finals Celebration Comparison Feat. Cavs

Check out the finals celebration between 2 games, not much has changed except a few details and so.

NBA 2K17 – How To Play College Basketball, Best Rosters (PS4, XB1)

  The community does a great job each year trying to create rosters and teams we don’t have access to. Here are some of the best and most realistic College Basketball rosters on both consoles that you can play with. ...

NBA 2K17 Dunking Tutorial – How To Do 360s, Jordan Free Throw Line, Reverse, Spin, Self Alley-oop & More

Here is an ultimate dunking tutorial showing you how to perform bunch of dunks in NBA 2K17 from 360s to Jordan Free Throw Line Dunk. Video features both XB1 and PS4 controls.      


Check out which players look the most realistic or need upgrades in NBA 2K17. The real life pictures are taken from Media day which just happened, a lot of guys need hairstyles/facial hair updates. Which guys look the most real...

NBA 2K17 – Patch 1.03 Notes

NBA 2K has released a new patch (1.03) for PS4 and XB1 (later on this week) which fixes a few are the details. Will bold the most important ones people have been complaining about. GENERAL Updated court floors for...

NBA 2K17 – Layup Tutorial : Eurostep, Hopstep, Runner, Spin Layup, Reverse Layup

Here is a video showing how to perform different types of layups in NBA 2K17. Video features controls for both PS4 and XB1.