NBA 2K15 3 Point Contest Feat. Splash Brothers, Lillard and Pierce

Check out this 3 point contest in NBA 2K15 featuring the Splash brothers, Damian Lillard, Dragic, Paul Pierce and Steve Novak.

NBA 2K15 vs NBA 2K14 Face Comparisons

Check out the face differences between NBA 2K15 and NBA 2K14, definitely shows some improvements. Real life and legends comparison is coming soon.  

NBA 2K15 – Jordan vs Lebron 1v1 on Blacktop

Here is some footage of Blacktop mode featuring Lebron James and MJ in a 1v1. The setting looks exactly the same, enjoy the finish.  

NBA 2K15 – MyPlayer Hairstyles and Tattoos

Check out the hairstyles and tattoos of your myplayer in NBA 2K15, shoes and closet video coming soon.  

NBA 2K15 Gameplay – Lakers vs Bulls, Full 4 Quarters

LD2K and Ronnie2K had their yearly battle on twitch, this year Ronnie2K chose the Bulls showing off Derrick Rose, and LD2K chose the Lakers.. Check out the full, 4 quarters gameplay featuring National Anthem, Ernie Johnson/Shaq...

NBA 2K15 – MyCareer Mentors Trailer

Mentors are back in the game, but this time you can actually listen to them. There will be a mentor for each team in MyCareer and here are some examples of how you and your mentor will interact in the game…

Pharrell Williams Courtside Scene in NBA 2K15

Check out the man himself, Pharrell Williams sitting court-side chatting with your MyPlayer in this scene. A pretty cool cameo…


NBA 2K dropped their first preview of MyCareer featuring Chris Smoove. You will be Undrafted Play for teams with 10 days contract Have a choice to choose more than 1 voice for your MyPlayer Season starts in January not October ...