#NBA2K16 – In-Game Timeout Interviews (VIDEO)

NBA 2K will now have in-game timeout interviews during the game, check out this video of Lebron James giving an interview, unfortunately there is no audio so you will have to deal with just video for now.  

#NBA2K16 – Lakers vs Suns 5v5 Gameplay (VIDEO)

Check out rookie D’Angelo Russell and Kobe Bryant take on the Suns in this 5v5 NBA 2K16 Gameplay.

#NBA2K16 – Sacramento Kings vs Bulls 5v5 HD Gameplay (VIDEO)

Here is our first look at Demarcus Cousins and the Sacramento Kings in NBA 2K16, check this video out where they take on Derrick Rose and the Bulls.

#NBA2K16 – Spurs vs Rockets 5v5 HD Gameplay (VIDEO)

Here is your first look at the Spurs in NBA 2K16, check out this video where they face the Rockets in this 5v5 gameplay.  

#NBA2K16 – Kareem Abdul Jabbar will be in the game

Today 2K’s Germany facebook released some MyTeam pictures and information, Kareem Abdul Jabbar was one of the cards in those pictures. Now we don’t know if he will only be in MyTeam like some players last year, or ...

#NBA2K16 – Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Clippers 5v5 Gameplay (VIDEO)

Check out James Harden and the Houston Rockets take on Chris Paul and the Clippers in this WCF rematch in NBA 2K16.   Watch Pelicans vs Thunder here Watch Bulls vs Grizzlies here Watch Cavs vs Warriors here

#NBA2K16 – Chicago Bulls vs Memphis Grizzlies 5v5 Gameplay (VIDEO)

Check out this NBA 2K16 5v5 gameplay footage of Chicago Bulls and the Memphis Grizzlies.   Watch Cavs vs Warriors here Watch Pelicans vs Thunder here Watch Rockets vs Clippers here

#NBA2K16 – New Orleans Pelicans vs OKC Thunder 5v5 Gameplay (VIDEO)

Check out the New Orleans Pelicans take on the OKC Thunders in this 5v5 gameplay video from NBA 2K16. Watch Cavs vs Warriors here Watch Bulls vs Grizzlies here Watch Rockets vs Clippers here