#NBA2K16 – 2005 Suns vs 2006 Heat Gameplay HD (VIDEO)

Here is the 05′ Phoenix Suns taking on the 06′ Heat in NBA 2K16, who would win in a real life matchup?  

#NBA2K16 – 2004 Pistons vs 2008 Celtics Gameplay (VIDEO)

Check out the 2004 Detroit Pistons take on the 2008 Boston Celtics in this NBA 2K16 gameplay, who would win this matchup in real life?  

#NBA2K16 – 2001 Lakers vs 2013 Heat Gameplay (VIDEO)

Here is some gameplay footage of the 2001 Lakers taking on the 2013 Heat..who would win in real life?  

#NBA2K16 – All New Shoes + Shoe Creator (VIDEO)

Here are all the shoes and the new shoe creator in NBA 2K16.

#NBA2K16 – MyPlayer Store & Closet (VIDEO)

Check out all the new gear, accessories, and clothes in this NBA 2K16 video.

#NBA2K16 – MyPlayer All New Hairstyles & Tattoos (VIDEO)

Check out all the new hairstyles & tattoos added in NBA 2K16  

#NBA2K16 – Opening Intro (VIDEO)

Here is the NBA 2K16 official opening scene/intro. They went with something different this year, and it looks great.

#NBA2K16 – Lakers vs Raptors Full 4 Quarters Gameplay With Presentation (VIDEO)

Ronnie2K and LD2K faced each other in NBA 2K16 today, Ronnie2K was the Raptors, while LD2K was the Lakers. You can see the full 2K presentation here from halftime show to in-game interviews.