#NBA2K16 vs #NBALIVE16 Finals Celebration Comparison (VIDEO)

Here is a comparison of the NBA finals celebration presentation between NBA 2K16 and NBA LIVE 16, which game has the better presentation? Let us know!      

#NBA2K16 – NBA Finals Celebration Feat. Golden State Warriors (VIDEO)

Here is how the NBA Finals Championship Celebration looks like in NBA 2K16  

NBA 2K16 – 2007 Cavaliers vs 2004 TimberWolves Gameplay HD | Amazing Game Winner!!

Here are the 2007 Cavs and the 2004 Wolves, watch till the end to see an amazing game winner!

NBA 2K16 – 2000 Raptors vs 2000 Blazers Gameplay (VIDEO)

Here is some footage of the 2000 Raptors and 2000 Blazers in NBA 2K16.

#NBA2K16 – 2005 Suns vs 2006 Heat Gameplay HD (VIDEO)

Here is the 05′ Phoenix Suns taking on the 06′ Heat in NBA 2K16, who would win in a real life matchup?