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#NBA2K15 Official Gameplay Trailer

Check out an all new #NBA2K15 gameplay trailer featuring Shaq, Ernie and more… #Crazy    

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NBA 2K15 – Spurs vs Heat Gameplay

Gamescom is happening right now, so there will be a lot of leaked gameplay and here is the first of many.. Check it out!


NBA 2K15 – Kevin Durant Teaser Trailer Gameplay

It’s finally here, NBA 2K15 releases its first footage of next gen gameplay. This video features Kevin Durant dribbling and dunking straight on IGGY, watch the video below! Let us know what you think!  


NBA 2K15 – A New Beginning (Mr2KImpossible)

Mr2KImpossible has checked in with his NBA 2K15 trailer for the upcoming game featuring NBA 2K14 content. We got it right here for you now!  Check it out and show the man some love.


NBA 2K15 – Most Valuable Players Trailer

NBA 2K has released an all new video hyping up NBA 2K15, you can see some of your favorite commentators like QJB, IKC, STG and NickTheBullsFan also make a cameo.. Check it out!  

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(Video) NBA 2K in Real Life

You ever wondered how NBA2K would look in real life? Well now you can know thanks to Jesserthelazer. This video shows all the things we go through daily when we play NBA2K, from the frustrating animations to that stupid chees...

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NBA 2K15 – Dunk Contest Motion Capture Footage

2K has released another motion capture footage, this time showing some of the dunks you will see in the Dunk Contest for NBA 2K15 and some from the Park. Post some of the things you would like to see in NBA 2K15.

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NBA 2K15 – Motion Capture Footage

So 2K is finally starting to release some info on 2K15 and today they shared a motion capture video. Here are some dunks you will see in NBA 2K15.