NBA 2K18 – MyNBA2K18 App Download Links For iOS & Android

Posted September 6, 2017 by 2KUpdates in Gameplay



MyNBA2K18 is now out for both Android & iOS. You can download it with the links below, the app will let you face scan once you start the prelude on the 8th.




Details via NBA2K website


  • Let’s talk about cards! The order of card rarity is: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic, Epic Prime, and Elite.
  • Foil cards have their own player image and are now a separate, unique and improved version of the same card player within the same tier. For example, a Foil Elite of Kristaps will be better than an Elite Kristaps.
  • Foil cards can only be combined with another Foil card in order to make a Pro Foil.
  • Rare and higher cards will come with a permanent ability (i.e. Posterizer). The default chance for the ability to trigger is 10%, up to 30% if trained with Focus Cards.
  • Pro’ing a card with an ability will add the two percentages together, allowing for a maximum of 60% once Pro’d. However, a Pro card will be able to add up to an additional 40% chance to trigger. If you Pro’d two cards with maxed out (30%) ability chance, the Pro can then be maxed to have a 100% chance!
  • Pro cards have an additional level unlockable through the utilization of Supercharge Keys, after you’ve leveled them up to their new max. Supercharge Keys are obtained via Team Packs, some card packs, or rare picks off the Draft Board.
  • Season Mode has been changed to Playoffs Mode, taking players straight to the brackets phase.
  • Updated Daily Goals
  • Completing Daily Goals will earn a new type of currency, called Tickets. Tickets can be used to purchase items packs in the Tickets store.
  • Team Login Bonuses
  • If you are part of a team of 3 or more, you will be rewarded with Team Packs each day you log in. These packs can only be given out to members of your team. For every three team members, each member will receive one pack to give away to another team member, up to a maximum of five. You are only able to open packs given to you by another team member.
  • You will notice that numerous features are not present in MyNBA2K18, as we felt that they weren’t compelling enough to warrant their inclusion. The removed features are Blacktop Challenge, the Auction House, the Contract system and the RP system. Additionally, we have removed Enhancements, Stat Charging and Stats Specializations. We hope that you agree with us that this will provide a more enjoyable and streamlined experience in MyNBA2K18.

MyNBA2K18 includes the face simulation technology, enabling fans to bring their visual appearance to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of NBA 2K18 through their mobile device. Please note the technology will be added for Nintendo Switch through subsequent updates and is not available currently at launch. We are excited for the newest version of MyNBA2K to release, and hope you agree with us that these changes are going to make your MyNBA2K18 experience even better.