NBA Playgrounds – Gameplay Footage + Gameplay Details (PS4, XB1, PC)

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NBA Street + NBA Jam = NBA Playgrounds

 If you enjoy NBA Jam and NBA Street then this game is for you. This game features a little bit of both and is the perfect combination of the two.

You start out with free 3 packs which gives you 5 players each. The game features players from the past and present. The packs gave me 2 “Epic” players, David Robinson & Jason Kidd.

You have to play an exhibition game first to unlock the Tournaments. Playing the Tournaments helps you unlock other things in the games.

This game rewards you for playing and winning which is a nice change when it comes to other basketball games where you have to pay for rewards.

The first exhibition game helps you get familiar with the game and gives you tips and tricks on how to play.

The gameplay features a nice rucker park type setting. You have a DJ, a big scoreboard behind him, and a crowd cheering you on. You can unlock other maps in the game by playing the tournaments.

The two best gameplay features is definitely the “Ask for Push” and “elbow”. Instead of setting a pick, the other player will push the defender out the way if you ask for it. The elbow is a good way to free yourself up.

You can watch my gameplay here


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