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NBA 2K17 – Steve Nash Added Back In The Game + Other Updates

Looks like Steve Nash is back in NBA 2K. Today’s roster update has Steve Nash back on the 02-03 Mavs and the 04-05 Suns. This is great news since Steve Nash is the main catalyst of the Run n Gun Suns team. This update als...

NBA 2K17 – Patch 1.05 Full Details

Patch 1.05 is out for NBA 2K17, this patch will fix the roster issues for 2K and we will finally be able to get updated roster. The Patch is available on PS4, XB1, and PC. PS4 is 7.4 GB, XB1 is 4.42 GB.   GENERAL HDR suppo...

NBA 2K17 – NBA 2KTV Answers, Week 8

Here are the correct answers for episode 8, in this episode you can also get a Gary Payton MyTeam Card.