NBA 2K17 – Bugs and Glitches (Report Them Here)

Posted September 19, 2016 by 2KUpdates in Tips & Strategies

If you are experiencing a bug/glitch in a game..comment below and let us know.
Use this template to comment below.


What is the bug/glitch?:

What gamemode did it occur in?:

Feel free to add a picture or video for more information. This is a good way to let your problem be known and see if others are experiencing the same thing.

Your first solution should be to contact 2K Support and find out if there is a fix. Link to 2K Support here.


  • Rhuzz

    My career
    When i play mycareer my game stats wont save even the wins of my team wont save but the progression in the season is still working i can play but when i check my game averages in my card theres nothing on it. It just displays zero stats i try making a
    new career but it has the same bug .

  • John Wilmoth

    Xbox one
    My career
    After completing the prelude I decided I didn’t like the archetype I had chosen. When the game released last night I deleted the player I had created then I started from the beginning with a different archetype -at the same position (those prelude videos are soooooooo freaking long and you can’t skip them.) after spending about two hours had just completed my first NBA game and leveled up my player a bit. When getting back to the neighborhood I was kicked back to the main menu. When re-entering my career. I was set back to the end of the prelude with my original awful archetype at level 60. Wtf 2k. I was excited to start the road to 99 grind but I really don’t want to do that god awful prelude again.

  • TJenks1308

    Xbox One
    My Career
    When I look at the league leaders, every player is averaging 40+ pts per game, and 20 or so assists per game and other weird stats. When I look at every team, they average 200 pts per game.
    Players beat Wilt Chamberains record of 100 pts in the first 3 games
    I talked with 2K Support for a few days, in the end they said that they “do not have visibility on the fix progress” and don’t know when they will be able to fix it.

  • Joseph RL Delacruz

    What happen to the Jumpsuit Creator in Myplayer???

  • twizz

    NBA 2K17
    Im a xbox one player ive been for years i just brought ps4 2 days ago and 2k17 i contact 2k threw email about not able to create a myplayer and not able to get online aswell. So they e-mailed me back asking for picture and u know they routine i check every step they sent me threw email and nothings working they even asked me if I made more than one account on that Council I said no this is my first PS4 I’ve even sent them a picture of my receipt and the date that it was purchased please someone help me get online on 2K my ps4 gamertag is LIGHT_WORK_KING this is not right that 2k is really not trynna help me get this thing fixed my email is

  • Jonathan Zimmerman PS4
    My wins are not counted. I have a 4 game winning streak and a 0 and 4 record.
    MyLeague mode

    • Jonathan Zimmerman

      Mine also

  • Cliff Kong

    PC- Steam

    MyCareer: while playing a game, I do not get any points by making shots, neither 2pts or 3pts.

  • Chris Lopez

    all of my wins and trophies on play now online are gone. my record is now 0-0. how do i get that back.

  • Delly Poppy


    Every time I put tattoos on MyPlayer it freezes on the Uploading screen and it won’t let me cancel

  • daffydank

    – xbox one
    – stuck in shootaround on mycourt/can’t end shootaround
    – mycareer
    i can spam B as much as i want to to end the shootaround mode , but it won’t back me out . happens after teammates come to mycourt & ask to run a practice drill & i choose yes . usually some functions stop working in the practice drill with teammates such as the right stick for dribble moves , or even A to pass for pick up games . i think it only started happening when i got into the playoffs ( currently )

  • Mark Valadez Patt

    What is the bug/glitch? All of a sudden after getting the game the day it came out I cannot move in MyPark games. I can move to the game et next spot and make squads and get next but once the game starts and the introductions end I have no control over the character but yet am still able to dashboard and play any other games fine. I can also play every game mode except MyPark but just so happens MyPark is what I play 95% of the time. Very annoying.


  • Steve


    Mycareer: ok so if been playing career all night literally I have 800 shots with 500 something made on top of 50 blocks and like crazy amount steals. . I literally haven’t unlocked no badges . Idk why or what I did but if played like 18 of 32 games and still nothing. It’s my second player made my other one has 15 badges . On my ps4 account I have 4 players with plus 25 badges 2 with plus30 so I know something is wrong for sure. My account name is** scooba squad300**

  • Marterrio Holmes


    I did 2 endorsements one was for 4000 and the other one was for 2000 and I didn’t receive the vc
    In mycareer

  • Daniel Arthur

    In the regular Play now mode, the game automatically switches your defensive match ups and no matter how many time you put it back to auto it just changes back the next time you’re on defense.

  • Patrick Cassity

    Console: Xbox 360

    What is the bug/glitch: every time I trie to buy a custom shoe it says “The shoe could not be uploaded and backed at the same time. Please try again”

    What game mode did it occur in?: MyCareer

  • AboveGaming


    • You thought

      You seem like the only real person on here, I’m tired of buying these game just for them to glich, how do we keep buying this product, I’ll be on my way back to N. soon, I kinda miss EA anyway, EA SPORTS IT’S IN THE GAME.

  • William Handy

    I have a jumpshot glitch, i thought it was just my player, but I ran a it in myleague and every player shoots the same jump shot (release 16). I really am starting to hate this game more and more.

  • Patrick Sodl

    Console: Xbox One

    What is the bug/glitch: In MyCareer as soon as I finish a game it automatically sims through every off so I can’t do practices, it goes straight to the next game

    What gamemode did it occur in?: MyCareer

  • Conor Gerald McGinnity

    Console: Xbox One

    What is the bug/glitch?: In MyLeague Start Today Mode, it jumps straight to season awards, does not give the option to import draft class and the entire Playoff bracket is empty (All TBA).

    What gamemode did it occur in?: MyLeague Start Today

    • Nate Campbell

      I’m having the exact same problem. Start Today on xbox one.

      • Louie Pastrana

        I have the same issue. Except im using it on pc. I hope somebody would be provide a solution for this.

  • Justin Patterson

    I play on xbox360 and lately in Mycareer mode offline, the games will not save. At the end, it just stalls and sits there trying to save but never does. Suggestions?

  • Chris Kendricks

    Bug/Glitch:no heads and can’t do anything during halftime can’t skip anything or pause anything and it happened in MyCareer

  • Adam

    I am a superstar 2 and I have played over 5,000 games and I use a playmaker. I use to shoot 3s no problem for me but it’s been 2 months and I can’t shoot 3 pointers at all. This has been happening to me for too long now. I miss all the time never get it in even wide open it’s impossible. This is for Mypark, mycourt and my career. In my court and my career I put the difficulty level on rookie and still no 3 pointers going in. I’ve been so confused and very annoyed as I have played this game so much. I have made 3 reports and I keep getting the same answer back which doesn’t help me at all. Please help me. By the way I’m not stupid I know so much about this game please don’t tell me as a playmaker you can’t hit every 3 because that’s not the case the case is that I can’t hit any 3s no matter what jumpshot I use me being wide open or not open deep or not deep boost on my 3 point attribute or no attribute hot spots or no hot spots. I’m on PS4, NBA 2k17 will be deleted if issue is not solved. If anyone out there is experiencing what I am please contact me by replying to my comment. Thanks

    • Cash Cena clash

      Gah you is a broke boy…
      I had a 6″10 sharp shooter that could shoot good..out of no where he was broke..
      I deleted that nigga..
      Just delete him cause my playmaker was shooting better than him I’m a SS2 as well I’m not stupid as well just delete that mofo

      • Adam

        Thanks for replying bro but I just made a new player and he’s missing shots too so I’m just gonna stick to my slasher but not playing this game as much as I used to, I play it like once a week or less. Not really into this game anymore they have spoiled this game for me. Even my slasher misses none contested dunks this game is a joke. I have sent reports of what I’ve been going through with NBA 2k17 and they don’t even try to help me. I am never buying another 2k game EVER AGAIN! This game is a waste of money and time!

  • Daniel Rogers

    I have 2k17 on PS4 and i finished a blacktop game and it said i couldnt connect to network and now my MT or VC isnt showing i dont know what to to do to fix it or if there are just bad 2k servers and they arent working but i have closed the application, taken out the disk, cleaned it and hard reset the console nothing worked

  • Bobby Ricky

    I have iOS 2K17. When ever so end an All Star game ( rookie vs sophmore, all star game) the screen turns black and then takes me back to my homepage. I can’t skip to the next off days or games. When I do a message pops up saying I have to play the game before. This caused me to miss the dunk and three point classes contests.

  • Gutta GT Tarentino

    I downloaded the 2k app and scanned my face but everytime I try and upload it on 2k the game shuts off ..and sends me to my dashboard any help .? Xbox 1

    • Cody Hamilton

      Same here, Xbox One I’ve tried 5 times and as soon as I click scan my face it finds the data, then gets stuck at 0% and the crashes, sending me to the dashboard

      • Gutta GT Tarentino

        Yea the exact same thing happenes to me I’m currently trying it again right now and it’s still doing at .. any word on what the issue is ?

    • Chris Burnett

      I’m getting the exact same thing on Xbox One as well.
      Haven’t found a fix yet though… Matbe it was something in a recent update?

    • Cenon M.

      This has been happening to me too. 2K needs to update the game

  • Kourtney Willard

    Console PS3:

    I’ve used coins to purchase suits and game arrival clothing for my player in my career mode and when I attempt to equip them it will say it is equipping but fails to do so when the player loads back on to the screen. How can this be fixed? If it can’t be fixed can I at least get my coins back this is ridiculous.

  • Kevin Porter

    Every time I play mypark it makes me turn into a 55 ovr with no acrcetpe and solutions?

  • Yushau James

    In my league, after playing until 2038,the game automatically shuts off when trying to advance in the offseason. It instantly crashes while advancing past staff hiring. This is not a problem with the Xbox, as we switched our profile onto a brand new Xbox one s, and it still instantly crashed. Please help with this problem, we put a lot of time into this my league! Thank you.

  • phill Crain

    In my league I win a game an it show up a loss on my record
    Can that be fixed

    • Jacob Ferreira

      Same with me it’s really pissing me off

  • Benny Waida

    Ok I’m on Xbox One,

    Basically everytime I put a logo on a court, or jerseys, it will look fine and I will save changes and everything, and then when I go back in its just gone for some reason. It’s on any uploaded images. Anyone have a solution, or has the same problem?

  • Mustafa

    Playing quick matches get all the way to hall fame and they disconnect till I lose wtf

  • T 2 RAW

    Console Xbox one

    But/glitch me and my brother both have a copy of 2k17 but it won’t let’s us play at the same time . One will load while the other freezes at the start screen . We have reset both xboxes and ejected both games but still not working .

    Game mode none it would freeze at that opening screen

  • Ders Ekblom

    Console xbox one
    the glitch is not letting me play the slam dunk contest in my career mode but it lets me play 3 point contest which i am not a 3 point specialist so i dont know why i am always playing 3 point contest
    2k17 my career mode

  • Aidan Walsh

    Console: Ps4
    What is the bug/glitch?: Started a myteam game, switched controllers before i found an opponent. Matched me up with someone when I was done, then before the game had loaded, it went back to find opponent screen and gave me loss, also made 3 of my players contys expire. Help?
    What gamemode did it occur in?: NBA 2k17 Myteam

  • Zack

    Console: Xbox one
    What is the bug/glitch?: so I chose to remain at sunset beach mypark and I had a 6’3 play maker and I got to all star 1 with it and after a while I got bored of it and made a sharpshooter and I went to go and buy the dunks I should have from being a pro in my park but it says they are locked and I have to be a pro when I am an all star 1 please help me

    What gamemode did it occur in?: MyPark

  • Karl Ng

    Console: PS4

    What is the bug/glitch?:I am in the pink diamond league of My team online. Went for a game. System matched me up with a emerald opponent with all bronze player. Turned out it’s a robot cuz it played no defence and keep shooting from half court. won by 100+ points and it showed I got a win record and should get 2300 MT. After the game it showed a got a lost record a no MT, contract used. It’s incredibly frustrating when you are trying to go for a 10-0 and get the 99 Tim Duncan.

    What gamemode did it occur in?: My team online

  • Logan

    Also I bought Vic and seventy five thousand of it didn’t show up

  • Logan

    My defensive player of the year and my MVP aren’t showing up in my trophy case in my career on ps4

  • Daquan

    My defensive player award and mvp award and most improved player award doesnt show in my my court come on and i just played my 4 season and jordan still hasnt text me i average 38 pnts per game my psn is “InkSpiredQuan”

  • Tim

    I made Jordan shoes in the shoe creator I then bought them with 7,500 Vc I equipped them but they weren’t equipped in my court I returned and they weren’t in my player inventory anymore i went to the store and it said I hadn’t purchased them yet my vc was gone I tried to purchase them again only having more of my vc stolen

  • Jonathan

    I was playing some NBA 2K17 MyCareer and I bought Hyperdunk 2016 Elites (the ones that are mainly black with the yellow, pink, and orange bottoms). I can wear them, but when I go to my MyCOURT they don’t show up in the shoe area. I switched the courts from Lodge to Warehouse multiple times, and even tried restarting the game but it won’t fix. I haven’t unlocked the last court yet, so I’m not able to try it.

  • Mramazing1145

    While playing MyPlayer on my PS4 in a season game both teams have on dark colored jerseys making it impossible to distinguish who is who. For example,I play for the Raptors and i played the Kings the other night. We both wore purple jerseys. How can i fix this????

  • Getgood2131

    Downloaded the game on my Xbox, and the game freezes every once in a while at all the NBA team logos. No matter how many times I restart my Xbox it still pauses until I finally give in and reinstall the game which takes like three hours. It’s fuckin shit, and it’s happened to two of my friends. We just wanna play mypark, 2k.

    • charles ubil

      Don’t reinstall. Go into manage game and clear saved data. Game will start right up. When passing the logo screen only hit A once when the intro scene starts, then don’t touch your controller. The game will have to get your data from the 2k server which takes about 2 minutes. Ithe happens to me all the time and this is how I get passed it without reinstalling.

  • Robotmadhatter

    My team
    I’ve played several games and not received the points/rewards after I finished the game.

  • Tha_Hood_Pope

    Can’t see trophies or the jerseys for your court…. Smo bullshit!

  • cameron treadway

    Im in the playoffs and it wont let me go to practice or sim to the game so somebody 2K please help cause i bought vc and i need this fixed asap

    • Renaro De Gracia

      Were you able to find a solution? This shit just happened to me. Simulated that last 10 or so games since I clinched and now won’t let me play the first playoff game. Every time i press A to ‘Play Game’ it says, you cannot sim playoff games. Wtf?!

    • Jay Perstian

      i have the exact same problem bro

  • Atirus Gaming

    My Career keeps crashing. I was getting error 2ba5d5d0, but now I don’t get the message, it just crashes to desktop. After I just spent over 100,000 VC on my player! Somebody from 2K better fix it or give me my back my VC!

  • gothamknight


    Name is not showing up on jersey or team roster but my picture is there


  • Trey

    JUST MAKE THE GAME WORK! God dammit the servers are so bad that my team is useless and so are most online gamemodes, what other game has this bad of servers. The worst part about it is I actually like this game to a degree, but the servers make it almost unplayable, why isn’t it fixed yet

  • Jerard Grant

    Man where do I start??
    Won a 2nd Championship…Trophy not shown in my court(only 1 from my 1st season)
    Got a Kyrie Jersey from connection meet up….Not displayed.
    Got MVP in my 2nd Season…Not displayed in Mycourt.
    Have had 2 discussions with Manager and both times have said Devin has joined my team….No Devin
    The story line about me creating a book started…But has suddenly disappeared throughout my 2nd Season, started 3rd season already and still no sign of it.
    Lodge Court and Jordan High Rise…No sign of offerings and I’m in my 3rd season!!!?
    Story cutscenes dropped off at the start of the 2nd Season….So it has been a non interactive 2nd Season and even going into the 3rd!!!

    A MASSIVE WTF from me????

    • Kenzo666

      Exactly the same things i have problems with aswell.

    • LegendaryStatus

      Finally I’ve found people with my same issue. I’ve contacted 2K and after 5 back and forth emails, “Misty” from 2K tech support said she couldn’t help me. I’m in season 3 now. I get no Fan updates after big plays anymore and no in-stands tweets from my fans. I suspect this has something to do with Justice leaving after we won the championship in the first season because the only time I’ve seen those things work is when I play his new team and he’s on the court and when we played together during All-Star weekend.

      No High Rise, no lodge my court. I have lifetime endorsements stuck on Level 2 no matter how great I play. I keep getting new signed jerseys that won’t appear in my court, my second MVP, Championship Trophy, Finals MVP trophy doesn’t appear on my counter.

  • bhangag


    only have 4 contract offers


    got into my 2nd season, 15,798,099 fans.won all awards except 6th man. the only contract i have is free shoes(nike), spalding, mitchell & ness, 2k. even those dont give compansations.

  • Brett Jones 76ers collection bug, cannot complete it because it says I have the 4th last person in my collection however it won’t come up

  • Donald


    Jumpshots keep change/Jumpshot creator bug


    Everytime I go to create a shot with Klay Thompson base 2K never saves my shot and John Stockton appears as the active base. Trying to avoid this I actually bought Klay Thompson shot amination and it is doing the same thing using John Stockton as the base of his shot. This is very irrating because John Stockton’s base changes the timing of the shot. And Klay Thompson’s animation is not the only one that does this. FIX PLEASE??!!!

  • KingSammie 2k

    why can’t i ever play my park? every time i load in, i’m always behind my friends and i every time i try to get on the squad spot, i get stuck!! what do i do, because i haven’t been able to play in weeks

  • Tyreil

    My 2k wont even start. It would get to the part where it lists every NBA team in the beginning and freeze. Please someone help it’s very annoying

    • Dj Sixsational

      Same here, did you find a fix?

    • charles ubil

      Don’t reinstall. Go into manage game and clear saved data. Game will start right up. When passing the logo screen only hit A once when the intro scene starts, then don’t touch your controller. The game will have to get your data from the 2k server which takes about 2 minutes. Ithe happens to me all the time and this is how I get passed it without reinstalling

  • Quentonn Gregory

    Everytime I try to change my Pro Am team jersey and I try to save my changes the game freezes up in my Xbox completely shuts down turns off

  • Maul

    Bruuuh wtf i finally won the slam dunk contest on 2k17 and the trophy doesn’t pop up on my trophy shelf.. whats the point in making the dunk contest so hard if you don’t even get rewarded, let alone acknowledged.

  • Brooke

    Console: Xbox one

    What is the bug/glitch?: There is no audience in the stands. And there seems to be speakers or lights floating over the court.

    What gamemode did it occur in?: My career

  • Cheeser

    Ps4 Every time when I go to play park when I load up with my friends they send me squad invites and I don’t receive them also when I get them when we go to squad spot I get stuck and can’t move

  • Aviv Gez

    When I buy an item on the store, most items won’t show up when I put them on my blacktop player, I spend so many coins on them and it’s just a waste,,, Xbox 360, someone help me/ at least tell me what’s up wiv it

  • Jeffrey Peters

    Why isn’t the Kobe signed jersey, my nba championship or nba finals trophy showing up in my court? I already have 4 signed jerseys and played a year.

  • Maleka


    I accepted the Jordan endorsement but I haven’t moved up to tier 2 ( unlock all shoes) and the season is already over , I’m in the playoffs , I’ve been player of the game, player of the week and player of the month and still nothing…I’m already tier 3 in all of my other endorsements . Please help

  • J_ Sew11

    XBox One
    MyCareer Point Guard 81 Ovr will not load file just freezes when i try to load

  • Sharath Mammen

    Seriously controller at the All-Star game, wants me to play for West even though I play for the Milwaukee Bucks. Just started after the most recent update.

  • John Edward Mijares

    players and crowd gets dark after halftime in 2k17. how do i fix this bug??? thanks

  • Evan

    Does anyone miss wide open shot

  • Cutty Mack

    Every time i go to the practice the media is there and i can’t get passed it?

  • King

    Your game is broken as shit

  • Steven Carpio

    And it’s Xbox one 2k17

  • Steven Carpio

    Please help I can’t play in the all star game even tho it said I’m invite to play 3PT dunk contest rising star and all star game wtf 2k17 on some bullshit plz help me get back to me

  • Brice Harperd

    why when in MyPark after a few games does it kick me out of the whole game of NBA 2k17.

  • Trelly24

    My park
    Right now I’m lagging out of the game and glitching everywhere this happens everytime I come to park and the game is over . Xbox1

  • Kris

    I haven’t been contacted by another player in a good while. The problem with that is I either missed Coach K invite or didn’t accept. Now it’s January 11th and no one is texting and I mean I’ve had a 98 point game (yes I dropped down to rookie to get tireless scorer, my last archetype badge for shot creator). I don’t know what to think but I want Coach K invite for my own shot and can’t get a recall (or any texts/calls for that matter).


    • Lucas

      Having the same problem, did you get it fixed?

      • Kris

        Yea but I made a new character. Before I deleted the other (don’t ask;) he did end up getting with me at end of January, yet where the remade one was around Christmas. I will add I simmed one game to reset the process though I didn’t realize you have to skip following day’s team practice so sim wisely (e.g. 1st of a back to back game).
        Hope that helps!

        2k devs enter room :::slap face::: fade2black
        Now that’s a good story😏

      • Lucas

        Okay, might be the fact that simming games kinda messes up the cutscenes, and other “personal” stuff that happens during MyCareer. I also simmed a game early in Mycareer, and also got traded to a new team after 10 games, which i think was the cause. But now, after some 35 games i think, i finally got Coach K and players like John Wall, so i think it kinda resets if you sim or switch teams… :/
        Anyways, thx for replying and have fun with 2k 🙂

  • Ross Farley

    The doin work meeter no longer shows up. It appears as though all y work in practice is for nothing.

    • Kris

      To anyone in some boat: Is a 95 “soft cap” but really it’s a hard cap bc unless u live to play my park constantly u aren’t getting to superstars 1,3, or 5 for other 5 attributes.

      I’m actually playing with a new player and happen to be at 94 and wonder how the points accumulate if don’t spend. I was thinking may be less of a boost if you had 1 rebound point in comparison to the 15 defense point and if so how would they draw that line crossed unless spent. Sneaky suspicion it doesn’t matter but I’ll find out soon enough I reckon.

  • Keith Wessells

    2k17 nba edit my player uploading will not complete been over a hour…every thing else is done all the vitals face scan went fine but when completing it just says uploading and never completes…….. Xbox one

    • laquan

      Same here man

  • Ikta Solork

    Can’t equip finger wraps to myplayer, doesn’t even appear as a option in my career gear

  • Chris Pine

    I’ve won 3 MVP’s and 2 Championships but only 1 of each trophy displays in my case. Also, I’ve got a bunch of signed jerseys from players, but only a handful appear in My Court, where are the rest? I also left my team that I was on with Justice but coach still refers to me as Orange Juice and when I won the MVP for my new team I still thanked Justice in my acceptance speech.

    • Jeffrey Peters

      Same shit has been happening to me

  • Jerry Saldo

    ps4, mypark, i cant change mypark garbage animations, come on 2k, do your job

  • Dommonic Watkins

    On MyCAREER it says I have 1 new message but when I click it, there’s no new message. What do I do?

  • greg

    The media guy keeps showing up at my practice telling me to demand a trade every practice and then I can’t practice after

  • Aaron Martinez


    • Brian Nguyen


  • LDM

    Everytime I go to practice the media guy tells me to ask for a trade

    • greg

      Same thing is happening to me

  • David Thomas

    My mplayer is stuck on the practice court after talking to coach abbbout keeping Denver on the team any help?

  • David Thomas

    Any help

  • David Thomas

    My player freezes after talking to coach about letting Denver back on the team

  • Yourzturely_1992

    When I am on my court and try to advance to play my career games, it loads me right back onto my court. I can’t even see my schedule for the games. Help please

  • Rob

    I can’t enter mypark. Have never been in it. Never even tried til now. Get this message.

  • Julio Rosario

    Ive played 59 games in my mycareer season i was suppose to be in the rookies bs elite game n all star game but somehow i didnt star nor was i on the bench. I wasnt gonna sit there in watch two 12 min games so i just decided to sim them but all my off days n practices are being skip if this doesnt get patched soon i will never play my career due to the fact i cant get anymore ug without them please fix this

    • Jaheim Lebrone Davis

      The same thing happened to me. I didn’t even see my name on the roster

    • Lucia Lorenzo

      I play in PC and I have the same problem

    • Rob

      I believe if you sim through games, no matter what, they take away all your practices so you can’t get more attributes. You have to play the games. All of them.

  • bdoddo22

    Cannot enter any text in any game mode. it just freezes and eventually quits as soon as i try to edit text. cant create a myplayer name, myteam name etc, very frustrating

  • Lee Boreland

    I can’t continue my mycareer, I’m in first season with Boston. I played a game vs the Spurs on November 25th, On the calender the result did not record, on the events schedule its greyed out and If I hit x on gameday vs spurs, it says event has passed,. I go to November 26th and the first event is practice, I hit x and it says I must play the game immediatly before this event in order to participate in it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Rob

      Can you play future games?

  • Gold King McGaw

    Can’t unequip my park dunks!! Really annoying and should’ve been fixed in the last update smh!!

  • belthazor

    In my career, i’ve been consistently been able to make lay ups off of crossovers and in the fastbreak. When i boosted my attributes, suddenly i cant make a goddam layup. WTF 2k

  • Cameron Pinion

    I rented 2k17 on redbox to try it out and I loved the game.But when I went to play my court with my friends it said I had to start a my career(which I already did) then my friends told me how to set up my own my park but my 2k nav menu was missing options like “play with friends” I figured it was just because it was a rental but when I bought the full game I had the same issue.WHATS WROMG?!?!?!?


    When I open up The Who’s online list it keeps glitching and going away

  • Darko Ternovskej

    when i do my training i dont get my attribut to upgrade (help plz)

    • Patrick Bak

      Have you hit 95 overall? I’ve heard you need to play MyPark to get to superstar before getting more caps udgrades :/

      • Rob

        I hit 95. Can’t seem to get any more attributes. But I can’t enter the park to get anymore!!! “You do not have the required account privileges.”

  • Chris Pine

    I’ve won 3 MVP’s and other awards but only 1 award is showing in my trophy case. Plus it keeps telling me I have message on my phone but nothing is there.

    • Patrick Bak

      Got the same thing with trophys..

    • raw2107

      It’s doing the same thing to me with the messages. Have you found a fix yet?

  • Francis De La Cruz

    Fix the stretch big they make more three than a sharpshooters that doesnt make sense and people in my park are using 3 stretch big to play three on three and making more 3 than SG and also gotta fix those screen omg nothing you can do if you run into a screen

  • EdgeAZCA

    Anyone get “You do not meet the requirements to have a MyPlayer Account and play online”?

    • Tom Merle Herrera

      yes same problem here

    • Rob

      I absolutely have it. I can’t figure out what’s wrong. I wanted to boost my guy all the way up until I started playing my park. Now I get that message and can’t even get in!

  • kevin loy

    I cant play online because my file says not connected no 2k sports store. Help

  • Willy Jay

    Help!!! Every time I try to start MyCareer the game quits and I get sent back to the XBOX home screen WTF!!!!

  • mojo ryzun

    hi, im having an issue in mycareer mode on xbox one. when i attempt to play my next game i recieve a message telling me i cant sim a playoff game.

  • Donovan Robinson

    2k absolutely sucks, biggest waste of money what the f*** am I supposed to do if I can’t play MyCareer!!!

  • meech

    Xbox ONE everytime i attempt to start a my career game it takes me back to my court HELP ME

    • johncena

      Me too, did u fix it, help me

      • owen murphy

        i have the same problem i have seen nothing about it anywhere

      • Donovan Robinson

        Any updates on how to fix? Its really frustrating!

    • Cameron Turner

      mine does the same thing!

    • Tyler Braden

      Mine is doing same thing? Anyway to fix it?

  • Ebenezer Dereje

    Ps4 – on my career everytime I go to the three point contest it says error code
    CE-34878-0 and i can’t play my career Plz Help!!!

    • Julian Passarelli


  • SqueakDawg2019

    Xbox one – on my career everytime it goes to dunk contest it shuts off and restarts the game now I can’t continue my career

    • Moneypalooza

      Mine has the exact same issue

    • Cameron Turner

      Mine does this too!!

    • Adrian Sarajlic

      turn the controller off while it loads then when the pre game show is over and it tell you to reconnect the controller reconnect it and press pause, a, down, a so you quit the game and ps4 its pause, x, down, x

      • SqueakDawg2019

        I tried that a few times no matter how fast I try to quit the game it still crashes

  • disqus_9XbM8zjXtI

    PS4, MyPark, “WHO’S ONLINE”screen does not stay on. It toggles on then instantly turns blank. Because of this glitch I am unable to join squads.

    • Joe Merrifield

      I have been getting this same error too. I have tried everything. I had my ISP help me open ports, I connected to Google DNS, and nothing fixed. I have tried hard wiring and wifi. I even just changed ISPs (planned on doing it anyways) and now have way better down and up speeds, but still cant keep the “who’s online” screen to stay up. To your point, I can’t join squads. This sucks because it was my family across country that talked me in buying the game so I could play with them.

      Additional info: The “who’s online” screen worked when I first got the game, but randomly stopped work a couple days after. A week later I was able to see it for a couple days, but then the issue came back and I am currently unable to see it. Gameplay in my park is smooth and lag free too.

      Console: PS4 (cod black ops package (purchased Jan ’16)
      ISP: Comcast 75mbps cable
      Down speed: 50+ Average
      Up: 11+ Average
      Connection: hard wire ethernet
      DNS: (google setup i found online)
      Ports open: standard setup since switching to comcast

      • Jeffro Salasio

        Whos online screen in my park pops up then instantly turns blank…i cant join squads

  • Jerry Saldo

    playstation 4, mypark, i cant remove mypark dunk package

  • Patrick Bak

    Doesnt get med udgrade caps, doesnt get my player of the game trophy, and I did’nt get my MVP of the season trophy or Defensive of the season trophy, and still haven’t the trophy for winning the 3-point contest…. Fix………

  • golan gutt

    ps4. i cant see my player plus i cant get into my career games.. it derank my rate from 87 to 72….

    • D Pres

      Did they fix your problem

    • johncena

      Me too, I went to my player appearance, redid my player, I can see him now but I can’t go into games when I press a it goes back to mycourt

  • Logan Perkins

    I started off with the Adidas endorsement, so i bought all the shoes for free, then I got an offer from Jordan which I accepted and it said I get all the Air Jordan shoes for free but when i went onto the store to get the shoes for free, it still has the Adidas shoes from the previous endorsement which I no longer have. How do I fix this?

  • Dennis Ward

    XBox One I played a practice and missed a game during same time period and now i can’t continue nba 2k17. My career.

  • Marcus Gregor

    Kobe and all my friends that message me wanting to hangout I accept but it shows nothing of them wanting to hangout on the calendar

    • Patrick Bak

      Same here, and has happend for a long time now..

    • Rob

      I have all the calendar problems too. Nothing shows.

  • Dallas

    PS4 I’m not receiving my upgrade caps for my player. I have earned two of them and it did not give them to me. How I am supposed to upgrade my player when I can’t get my upgrades…

  • Kenny Wright

    Ps4: My career player went from a 77 rating to a 66!!! When I try to Advance it automatically goes to the loading screen!!!!! What the heck is happening??????? OH YEAH, MY PLAYER IS ALSO INVISIBLE!!!!!!! It also says that I’m on the 76ers even though I am on the Jazz??? THIS IS BS!!!!!!! I PAID $100 BUCKS FOR THIS GAME AND THIS IS WHAT I GET!!!!!! Fix it PLEASE!!!!!!

    • Jose Bermudez

      Have you at all figured out how to get this fixed? I am having the same problem and it put my guy on the 76ers even though im on the raptors.

      • Nick

        Same thing happening to me. I was an 88 and now im a 68 and every time i try to view my calendar it just loads me back into my court.

      • Nick

        Any fix yet?????

      • Kenny Wright


    • Joshcccc

      Same problem.

    • D Pres

      Did you get yours to work yet ?

    • johncena

      Same exact here smh

    • Kenny Wright


  • Franklin Clinton

    every time i win a my League game they give me a Lost in the win lost cloumn and my record when i win post to show 1-0 not 0-1 how do i get rid of this glitch in my League

  • James Murphy

    I’m stuck in an optional practice in my career on Xbox one. When I go to leave the practice it exits my game back to home. I’ve reinstalled the game and it still does it.

  • byron martinez

    I was signed to under armour first then I switched to jordan and I can’t oequip the Jordan shoes I’m stuck with under armour shoes how do I fix that.

  • Brett Hart

    My Career cant play all-star game. Im on the Sixers and can only choose the West. Then when the game starts I cant skip or do shit but watch the game or quit.

  • Dylan


    Connections not appearing on calender


    • Aaron Armstrong

      I’m having the same problem

  • Nicholas Ferrer
  • Myke Lee

    When I press X to advance instead of it going to my calendar it’ll just reload and I’ll appear coming into my court. It’s getting annoying.

    • Myke Lee

      What do I have to do to fix this? I need help like yesterday.

      • Nick

        Im having the same problem wtffffff

    • Myke Lee

      But my other file on my career works just fine. And it doesn’t say that I’m on the Nuggets but my other file is fine.

      • Joshcccc

        Did you figure out the fix? I have the same problem and it’s happened to two different characters now

      • Myke Lee

        Nope. It’s still not fixed and I had got a message from 2k to restart my PlayStation but of course that didn’t fix anything.

      • Kenny Frost

        I’m having the same problem I put too much vc into my player for this to kee happening

    • Myke Lee

      Okay I just realized that I’m no longer in the league or on my original team roster. Plus I’ll be very upset to have to delete my player after the vc’s I’ve bought with my money. Smh

      • Myke Lee

        @nba2k17 @ronnie2k

      • Majin Poop

        You’re the only person I’ve been able to find with the same problem as me!

      • Myke Lee

        my other files are working just fine so I’m guessing we’ll have to delete it or just keep the file and hope it eventually goes back to normal.

        *I have the pre order Kobe legendary edition

      • Kenny Wright

        This same thing happened to me!!!

    • Chi Chon Chang

      Same thing happened to me, Did you fix it?

  • Garrett Chavez

    Console: PC

    What is the bug/glitch?: I have a problem with the messaging system. For some reason it won’t scroll down after I choose an option. I have to continuously alt tab in order to continue the conversation in order to end it…

    What gamemode did it occur in?: MyCareer

  • Ryne Riesterer

    Console: PS4

    What is the bug/glitch?: I cant get the shot customizer in my Career. Whenever I accept the invitation from coach K, it never shows up on my calendar.

    What gamemode did it occur in?: My career

    • Aaron Armstrong


    • Deyquan Simpson

      What I did to make it work was first check your calendar schedules and then accept it

  • Project 51/50

    I am also stuck on the dunk contest. Right after the pre game show I get an error of CE-34878-0 that I researched and it recommended reinstalling the game. A day and a half later after I start the game and the same thing is happening… Anyone have any advice?

  • amber swearingen

    I am stuck on the dunk contest on my career. I can not get past the pre game show.. It kicks me out of the game directly after the commentary. I can not even go to my court or so anything in my career.

  • Darrell Benton

    Console: Xbox One

    What is the bug/glitch?: I made it to the All Star weekend and Slam Dunk contest and just before the contest starts, the game restarts.

    What gamemode did it occur in?: My career

  • Brad

    2K is irritating me… It’s been 4 days!! I made a left handed PG and got him up to 88 overall through the VC from the legacy edition. Now everytime I try playing my career it just loads me back into my court. When I go to my attributes it say’s I’m an 80 overall? But when I’m loading in and in mypark it says I’m 88, which is what I was. On top of all of this they changed my guy to be right handed?! I’ve reinstalled the game twice and nothing…. does anyone have anything?! I mean what the heck 2K,,,,

    • Chase McBrayer

      Same thing here except i went from 71 down to 63. Cannot get into mycareer games, but can play on mypark.

      • Nick

        Same issue except i was an 88 and now im apparently a 68

    • Samson Kneller

      I have the same issue

    • Nicholas Ferrer

      Same issue here where i cant play my career and my dude is invisible xbox 1

    • Chi Chon Chang

      Same issue…

    • Majin Poop

      Same here

    • Splice

      I have the same issue on XB1 no fix yet been happening for over a week

    • Kenny Wright


  • Ryan Rupnarine

    You can’t take off your MyPark dunks off this is terrible please fix 2k!!!!!!!!


  • Harry Ward

    MyCareer : said I was part of the rising stars game , pressed to start game and then game starts but I’m not in it , says team mate grade in top corner staying at C , checked game stats and I’m not even on the bench , now end of game and it’s gone straight to a game against the nuggets -_- what’s happening to all star weekend ???

    • Jairus Gregorio

      Same thing happened to me last night. I was like watching the whole game and since i don’t want to wait til it’s finish I sim it to end and to my surprise it automatically went through game with sacramento. I finished the game and after I get back to my court and i press the advance option the calendar says the game with sacramento was not yet done. I played it and after the pre game loading my game is with brooklyn. what the hell 2k!

  • Harry Ward

    Console : PS4
    Was sent a message front Anthony Davis asking if I was free at 11 for a banan boat trip – I hadn’t done anything that day yet so said yeah I was free , no event showing 🙁

    • Patrick Bak

      Same here.. And same with, Kobe, LeBron, Kyrie and anybody els..
      And i’ve seen 3-5 cutscenes since I started 2nd season, and im in March now.. Don’t wanna miss anything from the story…

      • Deyquan Simpson

        Mine too

  • Kash Hicks

    all my players and crowd appear dark how to fix?
    im on pc

  • Jeff Symon

    Console: Xbox One

    What is the bug/glitch?: I originally had my player sign a show deal with Adidas but after about a month I got another show deal from Jordan and decided to switch it up. About a week after signing with Jordan, I cannot choose to wear their shoes in the NBA Shoes section of the store and still only shows the Adidas collection. I’d like to be able to choose from the Jordan brand now that I’ve switched.

    What gamemode did it occur in?: MyCareer

    • Nick D-rose


    • Nick D-rose

      Did you figure it out?

      • Jeff Symon

        unfortunately not

      • Nick D-rose

        Ive emailed 2k they have yet to fix it.. ..

  • Cameron farmer

    Console: Xbox one
    Big: my player is literally invisible. I’ve updated my Xbox. Reinstalled the game, cleared my reserve data, pretty much everything I can do. I can’t do anything except stand in my court. Anyone know how to fix this so I can start playing my career again?

    • Kdl

      I think I’m having the same thing. When I load my player he walks in and all you see his bag. when you press eight to advance it just goes to the loading screen and then back to my core and doesn’t do anything or if I go to like proem it freezes saying contacting servers. If that’s the same as you have you got any help?

      • Cameron farmer

        That’s exactly what’s happening wth me. But to make your player appear again, you have to go to my career and change your players appearance. He will appear again, but it still won’t allow me to play games or much except shoot around in my gym. That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

      • Chase McBrayer

        Same thing happened to me. I hit A to bring up calendar and it just resets me walking into my court

      • Samson Kneller

        I have the same problem

    • Brad

      I did the same thing, only im on PS4. When i go to my attributes it says im an 80 overall, but when I load in it says im an 88 which is what I was. I can’t advance my career and my guy was originally a lefty, but now I’m right handed? Have you heard anything?

    • Kenny Wright

      Same thing over her man!!

  • Jerry Saldo

    Console : PS4
    The bug : the players list and myfriends list disappear after 2sec
    GameMod : Mypark and MyCareer

    • Yoav Zelinger

      Habe that too

  • Franklin Clinton

    i need help in NBA 2K17 My League every time i win a game they say that have a losing record but i win the games this is not post to happen please somebody help

    • Branden Pearson

      This is happening to me also let me know if you find a way to fix it

      • Franklin Clinton

        how do you fix this

      • Franklin Clinton

        did you find a way to fix the problem

      • Branden Pearson

        Na I went to gamestop and exchange for another copy and it still doing the same thing

      • Franklin Clinton

        what did the guy at game stop tell you

      • Branden Pearson

        Nothing I told him what happened and I got another copy it’s still doing the same thing hopefully the update will fix it eventually

      • Franklin Clinton

        what update

      • Branden Pearson

        The game have updates like every other day almost

      • Franklin Clinton

        i know how to fix this play your games on Rookie and not on Custom and that will fix your problem

      • Branden Pearson

        OK I will try it when I get home thanks

      • Charles Chivetastic Hughes

        Did this really work?

      • Franklin Clinton


      • Charles Chivetastic Hughes

        Do I need to start over? I played another game and it still gave me a lose.

      • Franklin Clinton

        play on rookie not custom

  • Jay Dale

    Console: XBox One
    The bug: Whenever I’m in team practice and go over to the weights, I choose the bench press and the next scene my player is offscreen and will not proceed. No buttons can exit or advance, and the only way to get out of it is to exit game. When reentering game I have to start over with team practice again.
    Gamemode: MyCareer

  • Tjerk v.d. Meer

    Console : ps4
    The bug: Everytime I do extra training this one media guy who shows up and after i have done a drill i need to talk to him, always the same dialogue about me demanding a trade, and after that the training session ends.
    Gamemode: MyCareer

    • GE


  • Cain Chen

    Console: PS4

    What is the bug/glitch?: when a team member exited the gym and I hold L2 + R2 to start a drill, he would return the gym but then he could never pick up the ball and I literally stuck there, could not do anything except force close the game.

    What gamemode did it occur in?: My Career

  • Justi Yandy Yandell

    We are having issues trying to pull up our friends list on the 2k side of things so we can’t get squads or join each other to do the pro am this has slowly gotten worse each day the game has been out! The park is terrible trying to join squad spots or even individual spots without lagging you out…i average 200 meg with 24 upload connection that is unlimited so i know it’s not my connection! Since this games prelude drop the servers for 16 and 17 have got worse and only worse each day since when will this be fixed otherwise I’ll be taking the game back Even though I’m going to lose money!

    • Splice

      there workin on a patch dont take it back thats dumb

      • Franklin Clinton

        i need help i 7-0 in my league but my record in the game says 5-2 that not post to happen i need help to fix this problem

  • Splice

    Console : Shitbox
    My player was invisible and when I try and load a game like others I have seen it takes me to a loading screen then load me right back into my court thus allowing me to not do anything with my first character forcing me to make another one but it’s okay because I was going to make him anyways I’m more upset at 2K support cuz it’s been 3 days now and they haven’t replied with a simple we’re working on it or anything to try and help they’re just leaving me out in the cold and I’ve spent over $120 on this stupid f****** game I know people will say pay to win but we all know playing with a low overall player is s***** I’m going to do that with my second character now

    • Samson Kneller

      I have the same issue

      • Kdl

        Same. You get any help yet?

    • Kdl

      Same? You get any help help yet?

      • Splice

        Nah bro still nothing but there’s supposed to be a patch coming out on Xbox One I hope that’s going to fix it but I don’t know if the patch is for this issue only assuming

      • Kdl

        Ya I’m XB1 too. What I just learned you can do is make another account and somehow it links to your gold account and you can get on and play still. You can’t use any stuff like VC or players from your other one but you can make new ones and at least play.

  • Kevin Humphreys

    Console: PS4

    What is the bug/glitch?: Game crashes when trying to load up MyCareer, its 100% then crashes. Started happening to me yesterday (Saturday Sep 23 2016), have seen forum reports of this happening to others for about 4 days now also. Seems like a major flaw/glitch to me.

    What gamemode did it occur in?: MyCareer

  • Tony Tran

    Xbox one:

    Didn’t notice a game was scheduled at the same time a practice was. Accidentally did practice because I didn’t see times they were scheduled, well now I can’t continue my career until I play this game that I can’t play because I did the practice instead. I can’t go to the next day in my career until I complete that game, I can’t play the game because practice before it.

    • Zaid AbdulQawi

      I have that same issue! Any luck with a fix?

      • Døūgláß Sëę-ÿôù

        same here! i am stuck!

    • Hsieh

      I have same issue!

    • Zaid AbdulQawi

      Sim ahead to the next scheduled game

  • Tierney Simmons

    92 dream team for pre-ordering the game for xbox one we still don’t have in florida still waiting it’s been a week where is it????

  • Joshua

    Console: ps4

    My player is invisible and when i try to proceed with the career it brings me to a loading screen. When the loading screen is finished it bring back to Mycourt and my guy is still invisl

    • Samson Kneller

      I have the same issue

      • Samson Kneller

        but im on xbox one

    • Kdl

      Same. U get any help?

      • Joshua

        I had to delete the game and reinstall

      • Kdl

        Did that work? Another guy told me to edit my appearance and you can see him again, so I did that and I can get into like Pro-Am and stuff but can’t play any regular games to earn badges for upgrades. Did that fix that problem also?

      • Kdl

        Also, I got the legend edition. Well I lose all that stuff and the VC and players I already had?

      • Joshua

        Yea bro like i edited my guys appearance but couldnt play any career games so yea i deleted my nba and reinstalled it and yes you lose all your shit not unless you dont delete the files. I deleted my files incase it bugged out again but if you dont delete your files then you keep everything

  • Will Back

    Seriously ? 2k has 0 communication. All players are complaining about ability points in training which aren’t permanent, graphics bugs, intempestiv fouls under in red zone, bad lag in my park, anorexic players (wiggins, lauvergne and others…)
    why they don’t patch at least training points ? they don’t give a …

  • Vitalij Boroch

    It looks so funny when everyone complains about cosmetic part, but no one knows that ability points in practice mode aren’t permanent. After you closing your game your character atributes stamina, hustle, free throws hardly earned points resets. This is important because it affect your waisted time.

  • Ryan Boehme

    Console: ps4

    Didn’t notice a game was scheduled at the same time a practice was. Accidentally did practice because I didn’t see times they were scheduled, well now I can’t continue my career until I play this game that I can’t play because I did the practice instead. I can’t go to the next day in my career until I complete that game, I can’t play the game because practice before it.

  • lakeshow

    Console: ps4

    What is the bug/glitch?: You cant edit your starters and bench neither adjust your matchups before games in my league online./the substitutions u make during the timeouts dont happen till the next dead ball

    What gamemode did it occur in?: mylyeague online/ every mode

  • Eric EY Yearian

    Just played a my career game against the GSW in an arena with zero fans

  • ATanti13

    My players eye lids tend to go weird in cut scenes

  • James

    I preordered the game but didn’t get the dream team

  • Husam

    Im Currently Playing A MyLeague And Im 4 Games Into My Season and the Commentators Still Havent Changed. Why?