NBA 2K17 – Community Day Impressions & Feedback (Videos)

Posted August 31, 2016 by 2KUpdates in Gameplay

2K had a community event are the videos from the Youtubers giving their impressions and feedback from playing the game. Will update this as they release the videos.


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The first thing I want to tell you about NBA 2K17? It has nothing to do with the game itself directly, and everything to do with the people who work on this game year-round.

The wonderful folks at 2K Games, and specifically the team members I met in San Francisco on Tuesday afternoon — Ronnie, Jeff Thompson, Erick Boenisch, Mike Wang, Ryan Peters, Chris, Czar, and many others — are folks who are incredibly passsionate about their craft and the game they are producing. They were very welcoming and displayed a lot of  that passion while describing what NBA 2K17 is bringing to consoles this year.

While I plan to dive a lot deeper into the topics I’ll share below in the coming days, I wanted to at least get some of the nitty gritty out for folks to see and to begin discussing.

Jeff Thomas, VP for Visual Concepts, was the first person to present, and he had lots to share