NBA 2K17 – Tons of Game Details From the Media Day Presentation

Posted August 30, 2016 by 2KUpdates in Gameplay

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2K is doing a media day and we have bunch of news rolling is a German journalist who was invited and gave his impressions. Send him a thank you for all this information.


  • NBA 2K17 will feature dynamic commentary booth, 11 commentators in the game who will support the main commentators. These commentators change depending on the city you are playing.
  • Shoes will be 3D scanned for the first time, including retros (Over 300 different shoes)
  • All 30 arenas had their sounds (Fans, Buzzer, Ball) individually recorded.
  • Blacktop – You can set your own rules, have spectators, and player intros.
  • Online Matchmaking can be personalized.
  • MyTeam – Re-designed cards, Six new gem-levels, Moments, & Historic franchise theme packs. If you have two players who play well together in real life (Curry/Klay), there is dynamic duo special bonus.
  • MyTeam Blacktop – Quick 3v3 multiplayer. You can also choose 1 player from MyTeam, the other 2 will be picked for you randomly.
  • MyGm/MyLeague – New Menu/Setup, New Playoff Mode, Start Today, League expansion (30-36 teams) with customizable jerseys/logos + expansion draft. Full customizable.
  • MyLeague Online – 80 seasons, players develop, more admin and keeper features. Tons of off-season decisions.
  • Pick protections/Swaps are in the game, CPU teams can also do this.
  • Advanced Rotations – Users can determine which players should be together on the court.
  • Jersey Retirements are now in the game.
  • Features – Uniform updates, off-season trades possible, roster and draft class easy to use/edit.
  • Gameplay Shooting – Every shot (except dunks) have an own timing point for the release. Jumpshots include a new target mechanics.
  • Gameplay Dribbling – No more triggered animations when dribbling, user must combine moves together.
  • Gameplay Defense –  New Steal system, depends on your skill.
  • CPU – More action away from the ball (cut, get clear..etc)
  • Gameplay Post – Post Gameplay is revamped (More contact at the edge of the zone and rebounding, New Putbacks)
  • Animations – Over 700 new animations focusing on defense/offense off the ball.
  • All offenses and defenses of the NBA teams are in the game. 6000 adjustments, will also be updated during the season. Any adjustment in the real NBA can be updated to the game the next day.
  • Smart Coach – Detailed information and coaching is available by the assistant coach. (Example – Go With Durant on the block)
  • 30 new freelance offenses, new team schemes, new transition offense/defense. Mismatches are quickly detected and your team can get attacked. Individual tactics against certain hard close-out against Stephen Curry.
  • ProAm – Owner controls the roster, Owner doesn’t have to be online for the squad to play, stats of the players will be saved for you to look at. ProAm will feature 3 levels (amateur, pro, & elite). There are sponsors (VC) at the elite level.
  • NBA 2K17 All-Star Tournament – Cash Prizes, All-Star Tickets.