NBA 2K17 – League Expansion, Playoff Mode & More Revealed!

Posted July 19, 2016 by 2KUpdates in News

We got our first batch of NBA 2K17 news this morning featuring a lot about MyGM and MyLeague.

A Cleaner Menu

NBA 2K17 features a simplified menu system that is both beautiful and streamlined. All of the modes within MyGM / MyLEAGUE feature an elegant setup flow that will guide you through the creation of your completely customized league, step-by-step.

From this picture, we can also see that Playoffs mode is back.

League Expansion 

The League Expansion feature allows you to create a league with up to 36 teams (with 6 teams being Expansion teams). For those wanting to exert more freedom, Custom League allows you to create a league with a mixture of Current NBA Teams, Classic NBA Teams, Expansion Teams, and Euroleague Teams.

NBA 2K17 will allow you to play with 36 teams in MyLeague or MyGM through league expansion. You can design and customize these expansion teams or completely start with a customized league.

Some other cool features in this include:

  • 10 pre-built fictional franchises (complete with full audio and commentary support) built right into the game
  • You can now download complete team designs from the community in NBA 2K17

A considerable amount of time was spent this year building an NBA schedule creation tool that dynamically generates balanced schedules with respect to your 31/32/33/34/35/36 team leagues. We then created dynamic menus for every menu in the game including the Draft Lottery and the Draft, with respect to how many teams are in the league. For example, when you have a 32-team league, that means you now have 16 teams in the lottery (up from the current 14), and all the mathematical odds of getting the #1 pick that go along with that new Draft Lottery format need to be updated.


For Expansion Teams, you can choose to: 1) Design your own team logo, uniform, and arena from scratch, 2) You can populate your league with a selection of fictional expansion teams we have built from the ground-up (complete with full audio and commentary support), or 3) You can browse Team Designs that other community members have uploaded. With only the press of a button, these Team Designs can easily be downloaded an inserted directly into your league.

This feature can be added during offseason, you don’t have to start with league expansion. You will also have to participate in a league expansion draft if that is the case.


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