NBA 2K16 – Player Ratings for Current & Legend Players

Posted September 19, 2015 by 2KUpdates in Gameplay

Here are the NBA 2K16 ratings for current and legends players, only top 5-8 players for each team taken from a stream.

The two teams missing from that video were the Hawks and 95 Orlando Magic

Some of the guys like Wes Matthews and Middleton will have a day 1 update for their ratings and will be changed.


  • blue

    Wait Dominique Wilkins and Isiah Thomas (rated lower than Joe Dumars) are in the 80’s and Vince Carter and KG (94, one behind LeBron’s best yr) are in the 90’s….huh??

    Wilt is rated lower than Jerry West??? Huh

    But I am super geeked to see Kareem back!!! I will buy this just for that alone!!!