NBA 2K16 – Achievements/Trophies List, Game Details

Posted July 14, 2015 by 2KUpdates in News

Trueachievements released NBA 2K16 achievements today, and it reveals a lot about the upcoming game.

Here are all the achievements:


Some notables from the achievement list…

  • Will be able to re-create Klay Thompson’s amazing 37 points in a Q
  • There is a new gamemode called “Play Now Online”
  • You might play in college (most likely a generic team)
  • Some guy name “Vic” will either be your rival or friend
  • There is a badge called “Gym Rat”
  • MyLeague Online is in the game
  • You can relocate your team in MyGm/MyLeague
  • 3 team trades are in
  • You can hire coaches from other team (Alvin Gentry)
  • You can now buy shoes in MyTeam
  • There are DIAMOND SHOES in MyTeam
  • MyTeam will have “Historic domination” this year
  • There is something called “rune” in MyTeam
  • There is something called “The Gauntlet” in MyTeam

Comment below on what you are excited about!


  • Kemani Chimuelo Wright

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