NBA 2K16 to add 2001 Lakers, 2000 Raptors, and 2008 Boston Celtics + More 2K16 Details

Posted May 29, 2015 by 2KUpdates in News

Scott O Gallagher of 2K just confirmed that NBA 2K16 will have the Tracy Mcgrady, Vince Carter Raptors, 2001 Lakers, and the 2008 championship Boston Celtics.

There will be more retro teams added, but he only confirmed these 3 so far.

2K Sports will also be 3d scanning the shoes to make it look more realistic and official. 2KSports plans on adding new brands to the game like Lining (Wade shoes) and Brand Black (Jamal Crawford shoes).

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Not only is 2K adding realistic shoes, and new retro teams, they are re-doing all the animations for the crowd to make the atmosphere more realistic and life-like.

 Mike Wang of 2K also promises adding something BIG which will make the game look significantly better.

 You can check out the video below to see the news.



  • Cody Hillis

    04 Pistons, Reggie miller pacers, Charles Barkley on Suns or rockets

  • Revolt

    I can already tell the atmosphere has already improved a lot. gotta stop watching these before i can’t play 2k15 anymore lol

  • Kavon

    Manute bol gheorge mursean #remembertheBIGS KAREEM ABDUL

  • Mifodi4

    Charles Barkley plz

  • Larry Domingo

    Rasheed Wallace and Ben Wallace pls

    • I will be so dissapointed if that team won’t be in the game again. I’ve been waiting for so long.

  • PC 32 bit pls -___-

    • Mifodi4

      LoL =))))

  • Kurt Kyle Blanch

    bring back gilbert arenas or 2007 wizards :p