NBA 2K15 Locker Codes – (VC, MyTeam Player, Clothing, Pink Diamond Player & More)

Posted May 19, 2015 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

We have an all new Locker Code for the conference finals..this is a random locker code so you can get basically anything in the game.


Here is the code



Comment below on what you got!


  • adrian


  • soniya liu

    NBA 2k15 MT

  • 2000 VC

  • Yujiro Kobayashi


  • ballaman


  • Jamarcae Harper

    10000 Myteam points!!!!!! Let’s go

  • Jason Theis

    junk 250

  • vickfan1

    Windmill dunk package

  • mike

    D rose lay up package in good wit the one I got

  • DJ

    I got 100vc is this some type of joke well if it is it ain’t funny

  • Paweł Ruczyński

    its works on xbox360 ?

  • Samuel C. Cunningham

    10k vc

  • Edward Dungee

    My player dunk package

  • mdelartas

    got 2000 VC

  • j0r6394

    Got Pink Diamond KD ^^

  • JayTuneZ

    Pink Diamond Larry Bird! Yaaaaaaaaa Baby!(Fetty Wap Voice)

  • JayTuneZ

    Pink Diamond Larry Bird! Yaaaaaa baby (fetty Wap voice)

  • xFlash

    Got pink diamond Paul George

  • xFlash


  • ja

    legendary pass pack -.- yay..

    sounds good but it’s just a green pack in myteam.. i got a 97-98 steve kerr -.- yay.. i had him already..

  • thebeerbandit33

    I hope windmill clap is a curable STD…..thanks 2K, you gave me the clap ya filthy animal!

  • thebeerbandit33

    The last part is 8ASKP not BASKP, that’s where I was messing up. And there are two I’s in the code then there is a 1.

  • thebeerbandit33

    Windmill clapper….

  • Its Spirit

    Ivalid wtf am i doing wrong

    • Tony Glenn

      You have to use the dash symbol ( – ) after every 5 characters.. Also, don’t get the I and the 1 mixed up, and the last five are 8ASKP, not BASKP, which is what I kept entering..

  • tyrell

    I got pink diamond shaq.

  • Pam Ela


  • Giannis Valoumas

    when does this expire?

  • Diego Santana

    7,500 VC

  • Dillon

    guys its 4I not 41 so if its saying invalid that’s prob why.

  • Evan Weir

    I got a legendary pass pack for my team

  • Knaph Lyndon C Sealmoy

    WAAAAAATTT.. only 2500vc 🙁

  • Ivan Draganić

    animation for my player

  • eddie

    onyx kobe Bryant for myteam

  • Sastok

    5000 MT points . Thanks……..

  • 12oClock

    windmill clapper, thanks i really wanted that haha

  • Demetrius Middleton

    Got the KD release jumpshot for my career

  • Googly

    Got Larry Bird Pink Diamond

  • PDPG13

    Elbow flash pass pack

  • justinranson

    Got you cant see me 2 park intro

  • water_ur_seeds

    says invalid when i do it on my 2k app…

    • 12oClock

      check your 1s and Is they look similar

      • water_ur_seeds

        yeah i did that haha still no luck… oh well i have to turn my ps4 on for the first time in months…

  • Teo Campa

    A my player dunk pack. Ridicolous every time

    • Joel Cohen

      Me too…

  • Michael Stewart

    7,500 VC

  • Deeeeez nuts

    Kd signature shot

  • Fakkee