NBA 2K15 Locker Code – Random Item Code

Posted April 18, 2015 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

2K has released an all new Locker Code for NBA 2K15. This locker code is a random locker code which features from Pink Diamond Player to 20K VC.

Free Random Item:


(Expires End Of 1st Round NBA Playoffs)

Comment below on what you got!


  • soniya liu

    I got MT

  • boy

    Deez nutz nigga

  • Imavillan57

    I got diamond durant*

  • Imavillan57

    I got diamond durant

  • Real_Villan

    i only got 500 vc

  • Tyler

    I got pink diamond durant!

  • chris

    I didn’t get anything kept saying invalid

  • grgge gegeg

    I didnt get anything it says its expired?! Why?! 1sr round aint finished

  • Ruben Mosby


  • sweet kate
  • Esuave5

    Sprite High intensity Dunk Package

  • Mickael ABISROR

    Entered through the mobile app, got a pink Diamond durant but can’t find it anywhere in the app or the game on ps4… Can someone help?

  • ryan

    Pink Diamond Shaq

  • Killuminati Remi

    It says I enterned an invalid code. how do i get it to work?

  • King James

    Pink Diamond Durant

  • yeet

    I got 5000 my team points



  • Frederikfun

    Can you do this code over the phone app?

    • wikisaiyan

      yeah. Gotta add dashes though

  • Noah Deaville

    I got 20k VC

  • Josh Williams

    I got 2500 vc

  • sweet kate
  • sweet kate

    I didnt get anything! i’ve got mine at

  • Daniel Carr

    I got a jumpshot package. :'(

  • sebastian jonsson

    I got onyx Kobe Bryant 99 overall

  • 2kfreak

    Got 10,000 MT wasted it on trying to get LeBron all i got was freaking bronze players.

  • Robbie Baviera

    I got 100 vc FML

    • Kobe With the Fro

      I got 500

  • chuck

    is it for 360/ps3 or xbox 1/ps4?

    • chuck

      Just checked….not for current gen systems….screwed as usual…..

  • elnicopo

    got 20K good shit

  • JC

    Got a Pink Diamond Karl Malone!

  • Dedo Hudson

    How many times can u use this ?

    • JC


  • Danny Guzman

    Make sure all caps and use dashes, I got 1500 vc

  • razking

    Not working for me, definitely put correct code in…

  • jeffery daniels

    Bow tie SMH

    • 2kfreak

      Can u get me 200,000 vc my user is jeremiah23jordan ill do u a favor if you. Please. also I’m on PS4

  • Jalen Lucas

    Legit just got a pink diamond Paul George!

  • disqus_ELAzbiBel9

    20k omgggggggg

  • Elbow pass

  • Guapo Nico

    My Player High Roller Dunk Package

    • sweet kate

      Just got my 50000 VC Codes at

      • 2kfreak

        Can u get me 200,000 vc my user is jeremiah23jordan ill do u a favor if you. Please. also I’m on PS4

  • Dre

    Got 2000 vc

    • sweet kate

      I’ve got my 50000 VC codes/coins at

      • 2kfreak

        Can u get me 200,000 vc my user is jeremiah23jordan ill do u a favor if you. Please. also I’m on PS4.

  • Brandon Shoenberger

    I got a pink diamond Larry bird for my team

  • Pete Schroeder

    Kd sig release…..

  • XGU Chase

    7500 VC

  • athlete

    i got some sprite dunk package but I cant find it. Anyone know where it could be?

    • Stephen Westby

      While in your career mode, go to Player Upgrades – NBA Animations – then click L2/R2 till you see Dunks. It’ll be at the top.

  • Ran_Breezy


  • larry

    It didn’t work for

  • Pam Ela


  • Braedon

    I got Pink Diamond Larry Bird but hardly play MT lol shit.

  • Јека Перичина

    KD’s shooting release

  • kdfghjk

    250 vc lml

  • Bryan Cassie

    Historic Jordan dunk package…. Already own it so I received nothing…. Awesome

  • terry

    some my player/my park “beat chest celebration” bullshit. i wanted some fucking vc!

  • Alex

    Tim Duncan Rim Hang! Just what I was hoping for!!

  • Darkadvocate

    Pink Diamond Carmelo

  • Jeremy Riley

    This is a scam it didn’t work

  • Teo Campa

    2K give us more codes, it’s impossibile to continue my team with the minimum price of contract to 500. One codes every month is quite little

    • Alex

      MyTeam is a scam, waste of money, MyPlayer and MyGM is where it’s at. I’m sitting on 75,000 VC right now that I can’t even spend if I wanted to

  • stephen


  • Mackeveli2K

    2.5k vc

  • Anthony Sykes

    How do I read it and type it in

  • Teo Campa

    Ridicolous, the worst legendary packet with silver Elgin Baylor. Never find something of good 2k, come on.

    • Anthony Sykes

      How do I type it in

      • Teo Campa

        Menu, option, locker codes

  • Ty

    20,000 VC!!

  • Kristijan Bošković

    pink diamond Melo

  • Duncan McFlynn

    Tim Duncan rim hang -_-

  • Cashin Kidd K Mo

    I only got 750

  • Bryan lopez

    This what i got

  • Tone Davis

    How should it look when I put it in do I add dashes myself

    • Tone Davis

      Oh OK dunk package

  • disqus_Bj4CP9rMv0

    Does it work for ps3

  • Danny

    2,500 VC, I love this code

  • Pam Ela

    ONLY 100 vc …

  • Vismantas

    i got 100vc 😀

  • Michel Simmons

    Weak arse dunk package for my player. I could have really used that onyx Kobe. I barely play my player, my pg is 95 and a beast, my sf is 99 overall and even more of a beast, but scrubs in my park really don’t motivate me to play. Once I became legend I started playing my team mode.

  • LeeKlee

    2500vc got …

  • Ryan

    I got an onyx Kobe

    • mickey

      me too aye

      • Quint

        Wat is the right code

  • LogicHurtsBro

    Got a MyPlayer dunk package on one account, and 5k MT on other. At least Ronnie didn’t give out another 500 VC code

  • Joel Cohen

    Got a 50/50 VIP pack