Which player do you want to see on the NBA 2K16 Cover? VOTE

Posted April 15, 2015 by 2KUpdates in News

There are a lot of candidates who can be on this year’s NBA 2K16 cover. We have guys like Steph Curry, James Harden, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. Which player do you personally want to see on the NBA 2K16 cover?

Special shout-out to @CraphixStudios for making these dope custom NBA 2K16 covers! 



  • chaz

    Stephen curry should be on cover of 2k16 because THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS WON THE FUCKING CHAMPIONSHIP OVER CL

    • Jamal To Tall Hairston

      To me they didn’t have to work for the championship in the finals kyrie ,love, and iman smupert were injured. So they didnt win over clevland they won against leborn

      • Diego Esteban Theveny

        lebron plays solo so ur response is dumb af

  • Quin Brown

    Does anybody know how we can give ideas directly to the creators of nba 2k16? Email me brownquin88@gmail.com

  • Mayson Smith

    I really would like to see Stephen Curry I mean he was the MVP so it would make sense but I would be happy with Andre Iguodala who was the MVP of the Finals. Yeah sure James Harden is a good player But he got shut down in Game five of the Semi-Finals but he did break a record that of the most turnovers in an NBA Playoffs Game and A.D yes he is very talented but however He is still very young and has quite a few years to show his full potential and lets hope he doesn’t go out of his Prime in only a few years Like the Colorado Rapist

    • Jamal To Tall Hairston

      Really bro your excuse for ad is age what about kd wat about drose what about alien Iverson all 2k cover athlete ig if dwade get on the cover your gonna say he’s to old smh if u put in work to be the best then thats it name on pf better than ad name one better than ad at defense and this stuff about kobe do u know any thing most ppl spend their entire career trying to make to the hall of fame my kobe did it in 08 name one person in the nba thats has stats that equal up to kobes so what he got injured tru fans know their player and plus the lakers have deangelo Russell so like real

  • Kihng
  • Jamal To Tall Hairston

    AD went hard this year brought the pelicans to the playoffs and made his play off debut I hope the let us pick because I want a case with AD23 on it

  • Juan Rodriguez

    Please jst let customers choose what cover they want when they go to pick up the game , i rather have james harden , no curry around my daughter lol she likes what daddy likes , hes a good player but i want harden for my cover

  • Larson Hanna

    its not bout age its about wat the player did this year like performance wise

  • tabarnak ketchum

    Wtf !? AD !! he’s a monster for his age