NBA 2K15 Locker Code – Free VC Coins

Posted March 28, 2015 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

We have an all new Locker Code this week from the NBA2KTV weekly episode. Locker Code works for PS4, Xbox One and PC!

Free VC coins locker code:

  • Playstation 4, Xbox one, PC: SHOOT2MUCH500

Comment below on what you got!


  • Princess Borland


  • 50k vc PS4 = $7.5
    I found this cheap on May it helps you.

  • Nick Cucic

    Its a 500 VC code, not a random. So Samuel Gibson you sir are a liar. 2K you guys gotta leave these Locker Codes up for at least a month. I mean its only 500 VC. Just keep it valid FOREVER

  • Derrick Cox

    I be glad when you can break backboard and see stars in the stands. Different commentary . ..halftime with visual performance like before. Cmon 2k. Make this fun to play again

  • Some Body

    Shit’s expired. So damn stupid.

    • LogicHurtsBro

      Expired about a week ago. 2K is so weak right now they don’t even leave a 500 VC locker code out for over a week lmfao

  • Samuel Gibson

    I got a pink diamond Allen Iverson LOL

  • Michael Baker

    And rookies come in the nba with skills theydont learn them after there in the nBA stup!!!!!!!

  • Michael Baker

    This is bull$#twhat about ps3 don’t make it for this platform if I can’t get vc even my vc offers on my games homepage don’t work I haven’t got any vc since I bought this game but I bet if they made a vc hack 4 it y’all would patch it within the hour glad u won’t let me cheat myself cause u doin a great job at it 2k 15 sucks 1st and last time I spend my money on your lame game

  • Florian

    There’s a new one. #2KTVHEYGUYS
    It gives you a Shirt for your MyPlayer.

  • matt

    The greed is real

  • Teo Campa

    Come on 2k, everyone 500vc? I prefer u improve my team with more mt, upgrade the challenge and change the minimum offer for the card. 500vc are ridiculous!!!

  • Guest

    1000 vc


  • bully

    Just happy it finally worked

  • disqus_TYykZ7L895

    ITs the most shit ever. Ronnie 2k could die. mf

  • disqus_TYykZ7L895

    ridicolous 500 vc. 2k bad, so bad

  • LilD24

    Y’all some hoes for commenting what you got

  • Isaiah Scott

    Instead of 500 VC how about shoes problem, upgrade socks sizes double single strip socks

  • Pam Ela

    500 VC

  • 12oClock

    why comment it says what you get in the code 500vc whoopy

  • Eddie84


  • Raphael Dupuis

    Thank you!

  • Youngking 11

    500vc can’t we earn 10,000
    Or 2000

    • chris brown