NBA 2K15 Locker Code – Random Code

Posted January 30, 2015 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

Get the all new NBA 2K15 Locker Code which gives you a random prize when you redeem it.

NBA 2K15 Random locker code:


What did you get? Comment Below


  • Trouble_Maker011

    If its work on ps3

  • Jake Laimbert

    How bout u guys fucking add locker codes for xbox 360 and ps3.

  • It says this code is invalid. Mom using PS3

  • Amaru Sonata

    Jordan calf sleeve

  • Donovan Bobo

    I got the Kobe 9 Elite Showtime

  • Some Body

    I hate that all the codes expire.

  • neon Blakely

    Got 1000 vc

    • Tsz Hin Lee

      i can’t get it
      it said the code is over time

  • Damarcus Jeanes

    vc or naw

  • Gio Raptis


  • Gio Raptis

    Error prize fake

  • basketballfan

    Got 1000 vc thnx

  • basketballfan

    It could say its expired maybe because its expired

  • ozkalo

    when ever i try it says the code is expiered… try following the next code

    • Amaru Sonata

      Did you type in the # sign as well?

  • howardversion1

    I never get anything from these! Wth am I doing wrong? I’m on the xb1

  • Raheem’Ali Shabazz Muhammad

    Got 1000 VC

  • rollins3490

    just plugged it in on the android app and got 1,000 VC

    • rollins3490

      though it did say “your random prize is:”

  • Jarrod Tan

    Melo m11 shoes

  • tyler

    why is it not valid for my platform: i have a xbox 360???

    • Richard Powell

      Doesn’t work for PS3 or Xbox 360 … 2k said yall guys need to upgrade

  • megamania

    away jersey for myplayer

  • DayDay YB Locc Carter

    500 spending point

  • Acoupleofkicks

    500 vc

  • Ballislife2701

    League VIP pack

  • Paul Guy

    I got the 14-15 Home Jersey for my MyPLAYER

  • Ian Silver

    Melo m11s

  • Peter Kualapai

    500 vc

  • Jon

    what does it mean it is not valid for this platform? im so confused!

  • William

    Is there a way to be notified every time a locker code comes out

    • Zaiquan

      Is there??

    • Udthespud

      Follow Ronnie2k, LD2K, and NBA2K15 on Twitter.

    • Tre Anderson

      I would def need to know that to . I don’t have twitter so what’s another option

  • Revolt

    booooooooooooooooooooooo a freakin myplayer home jersey. $%#%^#!

  • Tim Gouldman

    My team V.i.p pack

    • Ethan

      Where do you go to equip the jersey?

      • JC

        I need to know that also

      • Jeremy Maldonado

        You go to every team and you go down until you see owned…..

  • I got “JordanMelo M11”

  • Hank

    Says not valid for this platform i have ps3

    • Richard Powell

      2k left yall guys out

  • Kristijan Bošković

    750 VC

    • Andre Carvalho

      this code is only for ps4

  • Guest

    500 vc =/

  • Dominick Davis

    i got 500 vc

  • Blaque Jackson


  • Mike Fpx

    Does anyone know if there’s another app that replaces the MYNBA2K14 App? I heard you can get VC from that.

    • darrell


  • neon Blakely

    Neronblakely is a beast and anyone let me know if theres more codes post on my Facebook page

  • neon Blakely

    I got 750 vc !

  • Shaun white

    1k vc

  • Mercedes White

    I got 500vc :/

  • you_dont_got_the_answers_sway

    whats the code

  • Azzen Daar

    Jordan Melo 11 and please fix those damn’ shoes !!!

  • Drew

    What’s the code?

  • Joel Cohen

    In one acount 1K VC and in other acount the JordanMelo M11 shoes

  • Ray Toosmoove

    I got melo 11 PE

    • Cancervatives’ Worst Nightmare

      Ditto; although I would’ve preferred VC 😀

  • Renan Coppetti Subutzki

    500 VC

  • AlmightySo


  • Adam Nikhamovski

    Got a 14-15 jersey, what the hell does it mean?

    • Kristijan Bošković

      Go to my player store and search through various teams to see which team’s jersey you got.

  • Schicky11

    Jordan Melo M11 PE. Thanks!

  • Marcus Baldwin

    Make a locker code for all consoles

    • fuqboi

      They don’t make them. The site just posts them…