How To Fix The Shoe Glitch in NBA 2K15

Posted January 30, 2015 by 2KUpdates in News

Many people have been struggling with the shoe glitch in NBA 2K15, a Steam user was able to find a solution to this issue.

Here are the instructions:

1. Go to options and create a new 2k generic shoe, it doesn’t matter what it looks like, just save it as something you can remember like MYSHOE HOME or MYSHOE AWAY, it will work with both home and away. If you already have some 2k generics that you like, than just save them under a new name.

2. Go to myplayer store in options (NOT in mycareer mode) and choose the 2k shoes you created in step 1. It will say they cost 1000 VC and you have to have at least that amount on your account but it won’t actually charge you anything, so just buy them and make sure they are equipped. (If you equip some shoes you created and you actually like them, you can keep them if you equip them here, they won’t change back to the default generics like in mycareer store)

3. Go back to edit the 2k shoes you created in step 1 and DELETE them. Just make sure again that you know their exact name.

4. Go to create a brand shoe that you like (nike, jordan, adidas, I tried with nike so far), edit the colours and all and when you are done, save this shoe with the same name you saved the generics in step 1 and deleted in step 3.

5. That’s it, don’t touch anything else, your guy will have the shoe created in step 4 equipped because it has the same name. Now if you want to change them, just delete them and create another shoe with the same name (just repeat step 4, don’t repeat all other steps)

Credit to Lima from Steam for this workaround.


  • Fepe 7542

    Didnt work evrytime i go to myplayer theres no home or away thing and it is the one on the main menu

  • soniya liu

    its really good!

  • it works well!!

  • Andy Brailsford

    Here’s an idea: Instead of US, the consumer and people who PAID to get this game having to do all the work when we already did our part and spent money on this crap, how about 2K, the people who MADE and gave us the game just fix it!

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  • ballaman

    the problem is I don’t want to create my own shoe, all I want to do is wear the Jordan XI’s. I just got sponsored by Jordan but I can’t equip them, I don’t want to create a shoe as I have not gotten the signature shoe endorsement yet. I’ve read numerous boards but none have really helped. Anyone got anything for me?

  • nugo

    yo it works, at first it doesnt work then you do the same thing but this time instead of making new jordan nike or addiddas shoes, you just edit the previous shoe you made in your first try and put the same name of your deleted generic shoes. the name i used was the and symbol “&”.

  • christopher R

    Work for me as well thank you

  • Mifodi4

    Thank you so much! It’s perfect works =) Finally =)

  • Noblesville Guy

    This didn’t work. Am I not doing something right???

    • Gajeel

      make sure that the store you equipped the shoes from represents the type of game youre about to play

  • Schicky11

    Didn’t work for me

    • Scott

      Okay so once I did this I was looking at other shoes and they started equipping in my player. Like the ones you don’t have to create yourself work