NBA 2K16 to have full body scans (Pics)

Posted January 17, 2015 by 2KUpdates in News

 We finally got some NBA 2K16 news the other day, Miami Heat’s twitter account posted pictures of players getting their body fully scanned. Looks like 2K will be scanning the whole body this year instead of just the face. This could only be for tattoos, or it could mean way more.

A Clippers cheerleader was also fully scanned 4 weeks ago.

What do you guys think this is?



    I have a idea in 2K16 they should allow you to chose your own home. I think that would be cool. Also more endorsments.


    Yeah, that’s way cool but as far as playability, 2k developers should consider my previous post: Please for nba 2k15/2k16 on xbox360… UNLOCK EUROPEAN TEAMS so that people can release players from those rosters into the free agency pool. Please don’t put a limit on how many players you can create and download and finally, please stop removing players from the game, aka Chauncey Billups! Please put them back in! This creates more work for the end user who really just wants to be able to play the game. Also please unlock player birth years, some birth dates need to be corrected and some of us want to add a year or two to our fav players! 2K please respond!


      Also users should be able to talk players out of retirement, assign some retired players as coaches, create coaches, bring players out of retirement, etc. Btw 2k15 has way too many glitches, games are shaky, they freeze almost every game leaving the user forced to use a time out… Please address the playability features of the game before enhancing graphics. Thanks 2k!

  • Christopher Maas

    My my player is 325 lbs i don’t think he can dunk

  • NamelessGamer 505

    Wade and Bosh on nba 2k15 are in need of new faces.

  • kobe24

    news source?

  • don blake

    wont this mean that my myplayer theoritacally would be too fat 2 dunk the ball