NBA 2K15 – New Years Locker Code

Posted December 31, 2014 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

Get the all new Locker Code to celebrate New Years, this locker code features a Random MyPlayer item.

Random MyStore Clothing Item locker code:


Comment Below on what you got!



  • Thomas Roberts

    2K14 ps3 cheats updated please

  • DigestedRaptor6

    86 OVR PF
    6’11 Sunset Beach Ballers

  • uggf

    I got 25000 VC dont know how to use em

  • TheDarkKnight

    How do you change the socks in my career?

  • jbanks

    i got a shoe deal with nike but i cannot change my shoes from one nike to another. Why

    • Ike..

      How’d u get the shoe deal?

      • Jordan

        U do good in my career

    • Jordan

      because your representing nike, your not allowed to wear anything else


    Hockey Jersey. Woo

  • Donnie Thacker

    i have a xbox 360 every code i enter says, expired or not for this platform, are there other codes or i’m i doing something wrong, also it won’t let me buy vc

    • MILEZ

      Get a X1 or a PS4

  • dafrisk0kid

    ps4 btw

  • dafrisk0kid

    add me dafrisk0kid
    I Average 70 ppg im 5 foot 7 70 overall sunset beach ballers

  • mike d

    and btw for anyone wondering about the shoe deal “requirements” there are none,you just have to play the game,be fairly decent (i averaged around 25 points,5 assists and a couple rebounds as a PG in my second year when i got it) and not sim games

  • mike d

    i got a shoe deal but still cant equip them,anyone else having this problem?

    • jbanks

      YES!! I was hoping i was not the only one

  • 2kfreak

    PS4 PARK?

    Tall 6’9 SG 82 Overall
    Pro lvl 2 which means he can catch lobs
    If Yes Add Me

    • 2kfreak




      Im a Tall 6’9 SG 88 Overall

      Also All-Star level 1 (almost 2)

      If Yes Add Me

      LETS BALL!!!

  • 2kfreak

    20k vc

    First Jordans

  • Vhj Khjb

    Ball boy cap

  • Desha Whitmore

    I unlocked 2009 air jordans for my player

  • khyree young

    Whats mvp it says i unlocked it

  • mike

    shaqnosis kicks

  • Jeremy Van Beek

    Why can’t they fix the my closet on 360. Bought hex pads just to find out I couldn’t wear them so even if this does work for 360 I won’t be able to wear it

  • Chase Dawg

    Area code hat

  • Johnny Blinky Campbell

    I got shorts

  • kegan

    does it work on xbox 360

  • Lloyd McCants

    Got the Dallas mavericks, but what do I do with them

  • Lloyd McCants

    I got Dallas mavericks, now what do I do with them

  • Cameron

    Is it for PS3 too

  • M OchunCuascut

    Got crazy 8s but cant wear them in my career mode just park and out of game cuts.

  • Akfirez

    Dont get it. Got kobe’s but still have to buy it. Had a jordan deal already. Thats why?

    • Michel Simmons

      What year did you get your sneaker deal? I’m in my third season, I’m an all-star, I’m in the running for MVP & defensive player of the year. I’m averaging 57% FG, 40% 3PT, 92% Free throws. I won the dunk contest, participated in the three pointers contest and more. Do I need to win a championship or something?

      • Akfirez

        I got in my first year before the playoffs! I started playing 12 minute quarters and had about 10 triple doubles and about 40 points in avg. Try to play about 20 games or even more with 12 minute quarters and get some monster stats.

      • Michel Simmons

        I have posted quadruple double once, more then a few triple double games. It has to be a glitch. Thanks man, if your on X1 add me MAS 86.

      • Akfirez

        ps4 bruh. I think you have be a high scoring, Jordan or KD type of player. Try to score 40-50 points several times.

      • Aj

        It depends on the number of triple doubles you get

      • robby C

        I have won the championship and championship MVP, defensive player of the year 58% FG, 79% FT, 6.5 BPG, 28.5 ppg, 19.7 RPG, 3.5 APG, and 3.1 steals per game all as a center, and I didn’t get a deal.

  • Nate Rigling

    I got techfit powerweb calf sleeves

  • PackMan1717

    Stacked Celtics Jersey

  • Michel Simmons

    I got some sneakers for my career that I can’t equip because I have no sneaker deal. Thanks asshats.

  • Jalynd Gallardo

    I got a plain hat…wtf do I need a plain hat for this is basketball

  • Dallas James Byrd

    Anyone know how i find the item i got?

  • Hunter O’Shea

    I got ankle braces. This is so dumb.

  • Jiggy Niggy

    Cool I got pacers Yup pacers

  • Max S

    finger straps, for my left hand… yay… next time just give us VC so we can buy what we want. Its’s 2015 so why not give away 2015 VC?

  • Dominick Davis


  • 张健文

    Again the codes is not for PS3? Why you published NBA 2k15 in PS3 if you totally ignore it after released it? You are totally are a money scammer.Go to hell 2k!!!!!!!!

    • Prince Royalty

      Get a ps4

      • If tomorrow their ignore ps4 too and just focus on xbox, will you throw your ps4 and buy xbox?

      • Prince Royalty

        Why not?

      • Seeamm YaRight


      • Daniel

        No, because that’s not how it works. They don’t focus on old gen consoles because the current gen is ps4 and xbone.

  • yy20020

    I DECLARE VC FOR 2k14!!!

  • evan

    Sooooow laim,,,

  • stathis796

    I got AIR JORDAN V but it says that i have to pay to get them

    • Derek U

      I got the Air Jordan V’s as well, not sure if I have to pay for them or not yet.

  • Tierra windear

    I want VC not no damn Random Gift

    • Dominick Davis


  • Min Kim

    Battier IX

  • Patch please

    The d rose fleece pants which look almost exactly the same as the default sweats.

  • anonymou54

    Dotted bowtie

  • Jeremy Fraley

    what is a springfield jacket and were is it

  • yy20020

    Please help it says it doesn’t work HELP. Oh wait it’s 2k15 nice one you REALLY made me laugh (sarcasm)

  • breonna


    • Dallas James Byrd

      Wht tht is? I got it also

  • Gandalf

    Sleeveless hoodie sweatshirt. Thanks…I always wanted my guy to look like fucking Channing Tatum from 21 Jump St.

  • Souur

    Really 2K? 2K14 you were gib=ving out 5k VC codes and Diamond Players, this year for Christmas and to celebrate new year we get 2k VC and fucking MyPlayer gear.

  • Kalabaw

    Draft cap

  • Komentra

    Got a “Team Logo Cap”.