NBA 2K15 – Christmas Day Locker Code

Posted December 24, 2014 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

Get the all new Christmas Day Locker Code in NBA 2K15, this locker code gives you 2K VC.

NBA 2K15 Locker code 2000 VC for free:


Happy Holidays!


  • JD

    this dumb how come they dont have it in xbox 360

  • Deezy

    Just upgrade guys … It’s just locker codes… Yall act like they didn’t release the game at all for the last gen be happy Yall got the game at at least

  • Donovan Kobe Swary

    Every code you make should be for PS3 and X-Box 360 too!!!! This isnt fair for people who dont have the money to get an X-Box one or Ps4!

  • MrJFR .

    so codes only for xbox one

  • JT1N

    Upgrade you system people. The 360 and the PS3 are 10+ year old systems. sure you didnt buy them then, but that’s when they came out. Also they aren’t charging you for the codes, so be happy you got the game released on your console at all! They very easily not released for you and forced you to upgrade.

    • DigestedRaptor6

      360 release was 2006 n PS3 release was 2008 so know the facts

      • giovanni

        Hey idiot you learn you facts the ps3 came out in 2006 xbox 2005

    • Michael Dupree

      ^^JT1N you must be two kinds of stupid. Stupid and stupider. Ps2 made games for the console until 2012 it will be aleast 2018 before the PS3 is truly obsolete and that will only be when a newer version of the ps4 comes out…. Xbox sucks so no comment

      • Deezy

        Don’t blame him… Go say that to Sony and it’s just locker codes not video games …

  • XVerseDaGod

    Well upgrade your systems faggots. Next gen or die! (NGOD)

    • Jon Sloan

      Maybe we cant a
      fford it dumb ass especially the kids that have 360 or ps3 so no we cant all just upgrade

      • DigestedRaptor6

        Some of us aren’t spoiled

      • stazrulez

        Maybe you should save your money for grammar lessons.

    • Jon Sloan

      at ur name)

  • Herman Scott

    They’ve just abandoned the xbox360/ps3 users!!!!! That’s FUCKED UP

  • john

    Unless improvement. Im never purchasing a 2k game again or letting my friends.

  • MrJFR .

    None of these codes work for xbox360

  • Mifodi4

    Thank’s! 2000 VC for me =) PC. Happy Holiday’s everyone =)

  • UCarltonBanksLookinNigga

    no ps3 again pussies

    • 张健文

      Agree.. why published this game in PS3 if you’re not going to updating it?

      • UCarltonBanksLookinNigga

        exactly, im not buyin 2k again

      • I more disappointed with Sony PS3 consoles. Just lauch within 5 years, now already a forgotten consoles. Really regrets on buying PS. I think buying 3ds are bettet…lol

      • Tim_Fletch

        Wii U + gaming pc, cover all your bases!