NBA 2K15 Official Roster Update Details (12-13-14)

Posted December 13, 2014 by Simon in Updates


The latest NBA 2K15 roster from 2K sports is now available for download, featuring lineups that have been updated through December 13th, 2014. 

Here are the notes:

Attribute Updates

  • Carmelo Anthony OVR 89 (-1)- Standing Three -3, Moving Three -5, Offensive Rebound -6, Moving Mid Range +4
  • Donatas Motiejunas OVR 71 (+2)- Shot IQ +7, Offensive Consistency +5, Post Control +6, Moving Close +5, Standing Close +2
  • Stephen Curry OVR 91 (+1)- Pass IQ +6, Shot IQ +2,
  • Draymond Green OVR 79 (+1)- Offensive Consistency +10, Shot IQ +7
  • John Wall OVR 88 (+1)- Moving Three -3, On Ball Defense IQ +6, Defensive Consistency +10, Pass Perception +8
  • Rasual Butler OVR 72 (+1)- Moving Three +2
  • Kris Humphries OVR 74 (+2)- Defensive Rebounding +11, Box Out +8

Accessory Updates:

  • Luc Mbah a Moute- Remove knee sleeves. Add compression pants 
  • Brandon Davies- Add right padded arm sleeve
  • Dion Waiters- Remove both knee sleeves
  • Tristan Thompson- Remove arm sleeve
  • Matthew Dellavedova- Add both knee sleeves
  • Rajon Rondo- Remove headband
  • Marcus Thornton- Remove compression pants. Add both knee sleeves 
  • Tyler Zeller- Change ankle braces to black for away
  • James Young- Add left knee sleeve
  • Glen Davis- Change arm brace to padded arm sleeve
  • Hedo Turkoglu- Remove knee sleeves
  • Vince Carter- Add headband 
  • Al Horford- Change to medium long socks 
  • Pero Antic- Add compression pants 
  • Mike Muscala- Remove arm sleeve. Remove knee sleeves. Add compression pants 
  • Kent Bazemore- Change to medium long socks 
  • Thabo Sefolosha- Change to medium double socks 
  • Mike Scott- Add right arm sleeve
  • Shabazz Napier- Add both knees hex pads
  • Gary Neal – Add left shoulder sleeve
  • Derrick Favors- Remove compression pants. Change to medium socks 
  • Trevor Booker- Remove compression pants. Add both knee sleeves 
  • Alec Burks- Add both wrists rubberbands
  • Rodney Hood- Remove compression pants 
  • Darren Collison- Add left padded arm sleeve
  • Nick Stauskas- Remove compression pants 
  • Derrick Williams- Add both knee pads 
  • Amare Stoudemire- Remove left arm sleeve. Add right padded arm sleeve 
  • JR Smith- Change shoes to Kobe IX EM. Change to medium socks
  • Tobias Harris- Remove knee sleeves. Add compression pants 
  • Mason Plumlee- Remove compression pants 
  • Joe Johnson- Add left padded arm sleeve. Remove hex pads
  • JJ Hickson- Remove arm sleeve 
  • Jrue Holiday- Remove knee sleeves. Add compression pants. Change to short socks 
  • Greg Monroe- Remove hex pads. Change to medium long socks
  • Caron Butler-Change to medium double socks 
  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope- Remove hex pads
  • DJ Augustin-Add right padded arm sleeve 
  • Kyle Lowry- Add both knee sleeves 
  • Joey Dorsey- Remove compression pants
  • Kostas Papanikaloau- Remove right hand wrap
  • Markieff Morris- Add right wrist wrap
  • PJ Tucker- Change to medium socks
  • Steven Adams- Remove arm sleeve. Remove knee pad. Change to medium socks 
  • Perry Jones- Remove compression pants. Add hex pads. Change to medium long socks 

  • Zach Lavine- Remove compression pants. Add both mid calf sleeves
  • Andre Iguodala- Remove knee sleeves. Add compression pants 
  • Andrew Bogut- Change right mid calf sleeve to padded calf sleeve
  • Festus Ezeli- Remove rubberbands. Remove knee strap
  • Paul Pierce- Add compression pants 
  • DeJuan Blair- Add compression pants

Team Color Adjustments

76ers Home Jersey Arm Sleeves White
Kings Away Jersey Headbands Black
Lakers Alternate Jersey Arm Sleeves Purple
Mavs Alternate Jersey Shoes Black
Mavs Away Jersey Shoes Black, Arm Sleeves Blue
Nets Home Jersey Headbands Black
Pistons Home Jersey Arm Sleeves Blue
Raptors Home Jersey Arm Sleeves White
Raptors Away Jersey Arm Sleeves Black
Rockets Alternate Jersey Headbands Red, Socks Black
Rockets Home Jersey Headbands White
Thunder Alternate Jersey Arm Sleeves Black


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