NBA 2K15 Locker Code – Current or Legend MyTeam Player Pack

Posted December 2, 2014 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

Get the all new NBA 2K15 Locker Code, in this code, you can get a current or a legend player in MyTeam.

  • Playstation 4/Xbox One and PC: #FIFTYFIFTYNBA2KLEGEND

What did you get? Comment Below!

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  • OG Nate Hendrix

    Codes don’t work

  • soniya liu

    NBA 2K15 MT available here. check attachement

  • Eric

    new code guys: betterthanagiftcard

  • JoyRd Lngs Douglow

    it ain’t work

  • erydryxdty

    still available?

    • OG Nate Hendrix

      Where’s the code

  • raba

    spud webb

  • caciogas

    why it doesn’t work to me?

  • Connor Anderson

    I got a avery Johnson silver 1997-1998

  • kkkk

    I got a gold Mj

  • SlidelikeMbison

    Marco Belinelli

  • M Ojo Hervey

    I didn’t get jack shit and I wish you MFs would stop putting up bogus codes!

  • Too Kwl

    Lol. Really? That’s the reason your never playing a 2K game. Have fun playing Nba live

  • Shamar Benson

    Got Craig Hodges (Silver PG), the man can shoot his eyes out…

  • G-Funk

    I got Doug Collins

  • UCarltonBanksLookinNigga

    Fck 2k i will never buy another game.. all u do rob ps3 on booster packs.. and u never even give us codes pussies

  • Andy

    I got Trevor Ariza haha sucks

  • Richard Savado

    50/50 pass

  • Cain K

    i got a Leroy Ellis a bronze center

  • Jake Deallie

    Got 94-95 Doug Christie

  • Young_Frantz

    Sebastian Telfair. And from the look of the comments, this pack didn’t seem so 50/50 after all.

  • Steve Nelson

    …Beno Udrich.

    • bentalou

      Same here 🙁

  • huck

    do i have to claim it under rewards?

  • Wavvy_Crockett


  • Mateus Beta


    • Andre Carvalho

      i cant believe, so lucky

  • daedae

    when does it expire

  • bruh

    tom heinsohn

  • Marcel Oliveira

    Shit!! Damn Bronze player! Are U Kinding Me 2K?????????

  • dingus

    what is the code?

    • Marcel Oliveira


  • Dida

    All consoles ??

  • Got lucky and got this

    • Jai Chawla

      i got the same thing! i played w/ him, the guy doesnt miss a pass!

  • Mifodi4

    Good =) Thank’s for the code! PC version, activation complete =)

  • #wethenorth


  • #wethenorth

    I got bm Armstrong 1991 1992 but it’s better than nithing

  • UCarltonBanksLookinNigga

    Fck 2k yall dont give ps3 no fckin codes.. we bought ur piece of sht game too

    • Diego Santana

      buy ps4 lol

      • UCarltonBanksLookinNigga

        fags say lol.. ps4 dont got no good games.. so why get one tf?

      • 2kfreak

        Cuz 2k15 and madden 15 my nigga

  • 2kfreak

    What?! Another Experiment! When am I able to get another locker code?
    Im chill without the locker code though my team featuring
    Tony Parker
    Joe Johnson
    Rudy Gay
    Josh Smith
    Andre Drummond
    Monta Ellis
    Tim Hardaway Jr
    some other silvers

  • Revolt

    dang already expired?

  • Young rich nigga

    Woooooo will perdue so hyped cant wait to start him lol

  • Akfirez

    Nick collison-.-

  • Gregor Neu

    Jason Smith (Silver) …
    But if it’s free it’s me – There is no nation like donation ! =)

    • William

      Steve Nash!