NBA 2K15 Locker Codes – Free VC Code (All Platforms)

Posted November 8, 2014 by Simon in Locker Codes

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Need some VC for NBA 2K15? Use the following locker code for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PC to get 100 to 20K VC coins.

NBA 2K15 Locker Codes – Free VC


Comment below on what you got!


  • john

    it expired

  • Bridget McCormack

    add me @ bisforbananasfool

    • Volle cross

      Add me on Xbox one

    • Stormy Weathers


  • Keenan

    Add me on Xbox 360 @ basketballx1kt

  • neon Blakely

    Yes I think it already expired

  • cl4pt4n

    does this code expire?

  • JIM

    add me on ps4 jimmyt4

  • lol

    add me on xbox1 im chrisfunzone

  • lol

    none of the fucking codes are valid

  • Ben Armstrong

    Add me on XB1 – Dribbles ii

  • Yarin Gan-el


  • Wilt Jackson

    Lookn to join a crew or start1…in flyers park….99SG on deck!…ps4 style! User name Bigwilt100_nc I also go hard n A.W. so get at me

    • Tommy Meliet

      lol nobody wants to play with cheaters. fag

  • Kyle George Mitchell

    Add kdeezy2283 for.ps4

    • Wilt Jackson

      Wut park u repn!?…

  • Johnathan Bourgeois

    #BadgeUpOn2K15 is the new code another code coming early next week follow me on Twitter @freelockercodes I get the codes up as soon as there released

  • Andre Moore

    they need to start throwing some new codes out.

  • Vincent B.


  • Alex

    It’s been a few weeks now, any word on a new locker code?

  • Dylan Nguyen

    Already expired :/

  • kwan shing Kwok


  • Jestin

    PS4-shantzpants please invite me to a league, I play every night

  • Ashlee Bolton


  • pontraell ellison

    all gold my team pack locker code open 4 2 days

  • RED

    Lookin for a squad to play with on mypark on ps4 PSN shawty-red22

    • Wilt Jackson

      Word…I got a 99 SG I rep flyers park..

    • Wilt Jackson

      I gota 99 SG …..user name bigwilt100_nc. ..

  • Johnathan Bourgeois

    Please post new locker code… 🙂

  • James Mckenzie

    any one know when they are putting a new code up

  • XxanonymousxX


  • Dshon24

    Add me on XB1 @ “Dshon24”

  • Jarred

    I got Kobe in a domination pack boys!!!!!

    • BHall

      Me too! Got Carmelo, Kobe, and Harden so far from Domination. On the Blazers right now.

      • i cant beat the Thunder, pretty sure its glitched out though. 20 times now i beat them on average, by about 8-15pts. It takes 750 for one star and i usually only get about 700-725mt. last time I beat them by 34pts and easily beat them in every category but only had 666mt, dunno how thats even possible!!! I was averaging over 800Mt on the previous 5-6 games in dom mode, cruised through on first try for every team except the Rockets(took me 4-5 tries to get 3 stars)..anyone beat them yet?? i know fast break-to-assist & dunk or assist-to-post move are the best ways to get high scores, but no matter what i do or how badass i play i CAN NOT BEAT the THUNDER!! desperate guys, help me!! haha..ironic that i live in okc and a die-hard thunder fan….smh

      • BHall

        I basically do not take a shot unless I am going to get an assist for it. Usually get a shot off within first 12 seconds of shot clock. I take very few threes and try to ensure a high percentage. 8 to 10 post move + assist combos a game and run out for fast breaks every chance I get. Finally, get to the FT line at least once and try your hardest to make it. You get as many points as your percentage, so if you are 1/1 from the line, that is 100 coins.

        I average between 750 – 900 doing the above.

        (PS … got a Bosh from the Heat team pack.

  • …StacksCartel

    Psn – stacks926

  • Diggs

    Add me Young Chubb

  • Pasha Derkatch

    250, damn it)))

  • ffff


  • ffff


  • haryape

    I got that NBA 2k15 app for my phone. In it you can buy a my player jersey for 0vc. Can or how do I apply that in the game. Xbox 1: need players for mypark also. Haryape

    • Me

      How do you buy a jersey

  • 100 on PS4. 🙁

  • swap

    20000 on ps3

  • Desham Alves

    100 vc. SMDH!!!!!!

  • Mark Nice

    250$$ nice

  • Nemesis96

    500 VC PC

  • Arbu Gacia BaitCasting Fishing

    yes I need vc

  • Ace

    a pair of air penny’s

  • Fatmann

    I just got 7500!!!

  • Isaiah Lockhart

    I need more some more locker code I want to be bc like a million

  • Obey Lupin

    10k vc

  • BIgToosie

    100 VC xbox 360

  • Liam Maxwell

    I got a fucking headband……

  • eduardo duarte

    100 VC on ps4 wow!

  • Sirathon

    500 VC

  • Me


  • Yesh

    wow – 100vc. Less than a game of blacktop.

  • ipuni

    750 VC Good~

  • Kheenan

    5k yay!

  • King.jkelly

    500 VC (-.-t)

  • Vhj Khjb

    500 vc

  • Benjamin Hanning

    100 vc 🙁

  • mayweathersuckscrap

    100VC :/

  • nitevaine

    250 vc

  • 2kfreak

    250 vc

    • 2kfreak

      the struggle is real

  • Isac Andrén

    100 vc 🙁 seriously

  • DarKyy

    i got 7500 vc im on xbox 360

  • you_dont_got_the_answers_sway

    i got lebron 11 all stars on ps3

  • Matt

    750 vc 😀

  • Azzendaar

    250 VC…..

    • 2kfreak

      me too cuz…

  • ohhzeet

    100 vc 🙁 could have done with more tbh lol

  • Dat Nigga Ike

    nvm, got 100 vc :p

  • Dat Nigga Ike

    wheres the code?

  • Shannon Lane

    10k VC on PS3

  • Matthew Weimer

    1K yaaaaaaa

  • Jon Sloan

    how are none of you getting a pack i got 4 accounts and i got= 1. silver boaster. 2. 100 vc. 3.2000 vc 4. 250 vc so theres about a 10-25% chance but i don’t understand how i got some thing other than vc

  • Andre Moore

    250 VC wow!!

  • Tim_Fletch

    two fitty, almost a quarters worth on rookie in mycareer =D

  • Jon Sloan

    hey on xbox 360 i got a silver pack with this code

  • Dre

    I just entered the code and won 750 VC. Thanks!!!

  • Me


  • Me


  • NicoSennin

    100 VC ? WHAT THE F*** ?

  • The Legendary Dealat

    I got 1K VC wooo!

  • Bunny Vega

    250 vc yay big fucking woop