NBA 2K15 Locker Codes – Free Random Item – Free VC, Diamond, Clothing & More!

Posted November 1, 2014 by Simon in Locker Codes


This Locker Code is totally random, you can get any item in the game from a Diamond Kobe/Durant to 20K VC coins.

Locker Codes for Free Random Item Expires november 7, 2014.


Comment Below on what you got!


  • paul

    When I did mine I got Durant

  • kamron


  • Jeonte1223


  • Bless Hyghrisk

    Any new codes

  • Farshad hajir

    ADD BETTER GRAPHICS FOR THE X BOX 360, add a new storyline for the xbox 360 so we aren’t stuck with the same boring storyline as nba 2k 14. add cutsecines like nba 2k 15 on xbox one onto the xbox 360, bruh, make these changes. do what nike says.

  • rick el veteran

    any new codes?????

  • SL600


  • Stan

    Give some locker codes for the ps3 because the game sucks so hard on ps3! It’s like a NBA 2k13 3.0 edition only the roster is new! You didn’t do shit to make this game better… Even the glitches are still in the game.. damn 2k…

    • toorawbruhhh

      I agree

  • Jon Sloan

    opps i put it twice

  • Jon Sloan

    does this work on xbox 360?

  • Jon Sloan

    does it work on xbox 360?

  • toorawbruhhh

    It expired already.. its the 6th!!! >:(

    • Jon Sloan

      no people say its not ill let u know when i get home from school

  • Charles Lamark

    I got two hand athletic windmill off 2 feet , thanks

    • Flubber

      I got the same but couldn’t find it in myplayer. Is it in the NBA Animations?

      • Charles Boykins

        its reverse windmill , in the animations

  • Said Ahmednur

    I got Michael kid-gilchrist jump shot is this a joke!

  • Bunny Vega

    It gave me elbow no look passes I can’t use bcuz my myplayer isn’t leveled up enough

  • Omr Bhr

    Yeah do not put the locker code in the companion app u don’t get anything. The last locker code gave me nothing now I actually wait till I get on my xb1. Oh and I got an anklebreaker pre game ritual. Smh I was hoping for a player or some vc. 2k pulls a lot of BS with this VC shit. I aint spending no more money 2k

    • iRockWell

      They’re taking notes from R*. Before u know it NBA live will take over. Let them Fawk around and value money over us.

    • Tobias Sanchez

      Works on my ps4


    G.O.A.T i unlocked i hope dunk package

  • Master Kash

    2 foot 2 hand athletic windmill dunk package…for a 7ft center

  • ciaerin1 .

    Myplayer dunk package: One Man Show

  • Matthew Weimer

    Lance Stevenson jumper

  • Will Harris

    I got a d rose layup package

  • twilizzle

    I don’t see the code. What’s the code?

  • Andre Moore

    Ok I put the code in on the iPhone app but it didn’t show what I won. How do I see what unlocked in the actual game?

    • 2kfreak

      Same G.
      We all in this together…

  • mayweathersuckscrap

    I got a jumpshot signature. A crappy one

  • Jeromy Moore

    I got a dunk package and ankle breaker pregame ritual

  • Diego Santana

    its working for pc too

  • Konstadinos Tsounis


  • Wing Stop Fat Boi Need A 10pc

    Got a my player dunk package

  • Flo57430

    Thank you

  • KyG_Allday

    I got the You Cant See Me 2 player animation 🙁 I was hoping for something better but oh well!

    • KyG_Allday

      I see people asking what the code is and it’s mystery
      Just type that in.. GL

  • Mister UK Gamer .

  • Walsi

    where is the locker code ?


  • Logichurtsbro

    Got the MyPlayer animation package:Beat Chest Park Celebration aka what’s on the picture above

  • ScottieP

    Got a one man dunk package for mypark. Can’t use it because I need to level up first to unlock it. I don’t play online due to the lag I’m experiencing in Australia.

  • Nubway

    Redeemed in app and received nothing

    • Damian

      you probably got to do it in game too

      • 2kfreak

        tried that just said the code was already used.

  • Buss Johnson

    Hey 2k got a elbow dunk package and some special pass for my park. #Dope. Check out my new music

  • Cutthoat_N8ive34

    I got a blue ps shirt I think

    • mayweathersuckscrap

      Nope. Thats for free. You also have a blue PS cap for free. Go check your headgear section. 🙂

    • 2kfreak

      nah everybody gets that.

  • Gandhi

    What’s the code? I can’t find it on this page

    • abruzi


  • Gorgy

    Redeemed it on the app but I didn’t get anything checked on my ps4 still nothing… 2k? Explanation please

    • abruzi


      • iRockWell

        i did it on the app and got nothing…went to my ps4 and it works.

    • Cutthoat_N8ive34


    • NicoSennin

      It works but there’s no notifications about what you got , you’ll have to discover it yourself.

  • DRE

    2k wants ppl to play and spend bread but won’t break it with cosumers

  • DRE

    Got crap

  • Joshua

    Can’t find dunk package I received

  • abruzi

    i use the code in the mynba 2k companion app! code is good but no message about what i got! in game no message too! pls fix that iin the app..

    im not sure but i got in my player nba animation that cost 0 vc, maybe i won that??? pls recomment. thx

  • Darth Geekonius

    Cheated again second time I used the app to redeem and didn’t get anything. Never using the app again!

  • LOL

    on PC works too

  • Tim_Fletch

    got some dunk package but i dont see it in the list ><

  • morten

    only bullshit

  • kushondeck19 .

    Do you have a code for Xbox 360

    • poutchar

      i want too

    • Jon Sloan

      this one might work on 360 ill try after my bros pep rally