NBA 2K15 First Patch Details

Posted October 22, 2014 by 2KUpdates in News


NBA 2K has released the first patch for NBA 2K15 and here are some of the details…

These are Notes for PC, XBOX ONE and PS4.

– Made a number of stability fixes to improve the quality of the MyPARK experience, and online as a whole.

Improvements have been made to the face scanning experience.  Please ensure you have plenty of balanced lighting (natural light is best) for best results.

– Controller/Keyboard bindings will now properly function in MyPARK.

– Addressed an issue where the game would experience frame rate stuttering in certain situations.

– The correct animation will now be shown in Edit Player when scrolling through the available list of animations.

– Fixed an issue where the user who invited would sometimes hang at the conclusion of a playoff game in Online Leagues.

– Fixed an issue where some users were experiencing hangs when attempting to create/join an Online League with a custom roster.

– Addressed an issue in MyGM/MyLEAGUE where, in certain cases, the game would not allow the user to exceed 13 players during the free agency period of the offseason.

– The keyboard should now properly detect input game-wide when a controller is also being used simultaneously.

– Fixed an issue where in-game models would appear green/yellow on certain GPUs.

– Fixed a rare hang that would occur when changing the in-game language from the Options menu.

– Corrected an issue where black ‘blobs’ would appear in replay on certain system configurations.

– Fixed a rare occurrence where Doris Burke would warp off the screen prior to an on-court interview with a player/coach.

– Users are now able to re-watch 2KTV episodes that have already been watched to completion.

– Addressed a number of locations where voice chat icons and Online IDs were not properly displayed during the online experience (PS4).

– Added support for users attempting to play with a GeForce 320M GPU.


  • James Smith III

    @nba2K4life #nba2K4life will the patch continue to fix face scans?? My new face scan guy still has black spots on his face…

  • Ric Tucker

    this is not the notes for Xbox one or PS4 Im guessing. As the devs have already said that face scanning should work better now after the patch. Any real release notes?