NBA 2K15 – Random Item Locker Code (VC, MyTeam Pack, Clothing & More)

Posted October 20, 2014 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

Check out the all new Locker Code for NBA 2K15, it is a random item locker code which can give you anything. It is available for only PS4/XB1 and PC.

Locker Code for Free Random Item:

Playstation 4/Xbox One/PC: HEYGUYS

Comment below on what you got! 

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  • Rokas Arlauskas

    i got wade shoes but it says i have to buy them… wtf 2k?

  • Solebru


    try that bro

  • Kynamite

    Yep expired

  • Says it already expired. Gay!

  • Hal

    I got a rock.

  • Kevin2k

    I got pair of Jordan IV for MyPlayer

  • Mister UK Gamer .

  • Abe Orshun

    button up, but it looks exactly like the free one you start with..annnnd that was a waste of time! lol

  • Liam Maxwell

    I got a polo and I play on the 360..

  • don julian

    plain sleeveless

  • Dylan Exeter

    I got a crow tattoo… Wow its worth a whole 250vc

  • gdhdnd

    When using the app, it just says: “code accepted”. That’s it. I can’t find any reward!

  • Chris Katz

    Anyone know where I find the 2014-15 alternate jerseys for My Player that I was gifted

    • 211of211

      Thats what I got but I couldn’t find it either.

      • Chris Katz


      • Dale

        Its in your gear, its part of your my player clothes

  • Christopher Stanford

    I received a Houston rockets t shirt

  • H_Face52

    I got nothing at all… literally nothing

  • Guest

    It says I got a Stacked Jersey but it is nowhere to be found

    • KΞ∀in JosΞph™

      same here

  • Diesel D

    It says the item went to my store but I don’t see it anywhere. Anyone know where they show up?

    • LadyT

      I can’t find the Stacked Jersey it said I got either

      • Steesus

        The stacked jersey is a team’s jersey so you have to look at all the team’s jerseys and it should be there.

  • Diesel D

    I got a court series hood. Whatever that is.

  • Mario William Saccucci

    Got air max penny lll

  • Clark

    how to know what i got if redeemed it in mynba2k15 app?

  • SKIM

    also works on ps3 and xbox360

  • waaw

    i got legit nothing thanks 2k

  • Dale

    I got a necktie…

  • DeMarko Jones

    Tip-Off Pullover?

  • Chris

    What is flags of the world? ??

    • Alejandro

      an animation

  • Mister UK Gamer .

    This is what I Got:

  • 2kfreak

    I got a stupid lower case u tattoo