NBA 2K15 Servers Have Been Stabilized

Posted October 12, 2014 by Simon in News

nba2k15-serversEarlier issues with NBA 2K15 servers have been resolved. MyPARK and other online modes should be working by now for all consoles, as well as PC. A recent server side update was supposed to fix many of the issues that users still reporting.  A recent Xbox One update was supposed to make the online aspects of the game more functional, which the 2K Team says has been more stable since a server side patch.

Per @Ronnie2K:

    • Breakthrough: everything online should be stabilizing. Please reboot and let me know.
    • Looks like we’re completely back except play w/ friends on MyPARK. Sent note to team. Keep me posted, we are going to keep working.
    • NBA 2K dev will put up “Play with Friends” on Park & Last Gen servers up when there’s stretch of stability. Should be soon if all goes well.
    • NBA 2K15 online should now also be normalizing for Xbox 360 and PS3.
    • People reporting throwback KD not showing up that tried to claim during online issues, fear not. We are working on that, keep you posted.
    • One more thing I am seeing after team eased mass concerns… Domination not giving rewards. Informed MyTEAM crew, keep you posted.

Are you still seeing issues with NBA 2K15?  Let us know in the comments section, below.


  • Travis

    2K the mycareer offline after i play it wont save how do i fix this

  • Kahlil

    2k can u please fixxxx the 2k servers I can’t play my career
    And I can’t buy clothes or upgrade myplayer

    Xbox 360 account:Tha67batman

  • Danny Caldwell

    Still down on 360… Can’t play MY Career without being switched from VC to SP

  • Gregor

    Still down on PS3 I cant play my carrer player

  • Kiez

    I can’t even play this on my PC, it crashes on the loading screen. I have great(not best) specs, which I’m sure is not the problem. Any fixes?

  • Лев Щаранский

    Guys please help , in Russia it is impossible to buy a PS4 VC Coins. Does anyone know the problem?

  • dxnatello

    mypark is slower than ever need to fix ASAP rocky

  • Bob

    Can’t seem to ‘buy’ VC coins for MyPlayer? Does the store not work anymore?!…

  • Jay

    My Player won’t load “saved file could not be downloaded from the 2k Sports servers”

    • Joe Rod

      Im getting the samething on xbox one .cant load my player same message .

  • DukeNukem

    No they are not…..

  • Rui Miguel

    still down in PS4 Europe…

  • Rod Johnson

    Also player disappear while playing games then it’s lags you out and you get loses on record…wtf… start investing time on the servers and game play .. Instead of 2k TV … We don’t buy a game to watch scores and TV… You dumb mofos… We buy the game to play… And 95% of Nba 2k fan play online for team up and crew

  • Rod Johnson

    Servers are still down on the Xbox One… Why don’t you guys at 2k never test your servers before you release the game! Nba 2k is a great game… But we can never play the shit!!!

  • Jocker Shady

    Still down on xbox one :/