NBA 2K15 Bugs & Glitches

Posted October 10, 2014 by 2KUpdates in News


Since NBA 2K15’s release, there has been a lot of bugs and glitches in the game and we want to help you get your problems resolved.

Facescan issue – If you are having problems with the facescan, make sure to follow the exact directions here.

Bonus Pack/KD Card issue – You should be getting your bonus codes through the PS4 message or XB1 message, as for KD rookie card. Check the rewards under MyTeam, if you still don’t have 1 of them, contact 2KSupport.

MyTeam issue – The error message has been fixed for Myteam, and everything should be working fine now 

Park Mode issue – @Ronnie2K has tweeted out that Park Mode is currently the #1 focus and they are working on it to fix it.

If you have any other issues…fill this form out and we will forward it to 2K people.

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Make sure to contact 2KSupport  to get a response right away.


  • Michael Jordan

    Biigest glitch in this game in rec center are certain jumpshots are unstoppable no matter how good defense is… playing defense is impossible!!!!


    Lots more glitches in association mode. Game freezes during game leaving me forced to take a time out, games get shaky, only listing a couple of the most frustrating for now

  • Matt

    Is this okay that i have xbox one and i pre order nba in my console’s hard drive so cani get those sleeves on legs and other stuff???

  • lilevey

    They dont have extras like they did on 2k14 like dunks, your energy, does anyone have locker codes for diamond cards

  • lilevey

    I can not add the kd items or the items i purchased

  • K-Mart6

    I can’t put tattoos and headbands on created players (draft classes) on PS4. Anyone the same issue?

  • james

    Ps4 cant play myteam

  • Tylen Lampkin

    Console: XB1 Mode: Any Issue: I bought VC and it’s not showing up