NBA 2K15 Locker Codes – Free 1000 VC Coins (All consoles)

Posted October 7, 2014 by 2KUpdates in Locker Codes

NBA 2K15 is out and here is the first locker code to celebrate it.. 1K VC coins! 

NBA 2K15 Locker Codes – Free 1000 VC coins.



  • Austin

    It will not let me put codes on my Xbox 360 so what do I do

  • tony

    I how can i get vc because the codes i put. In don’t. Work. For me

  • Jason

    My xbox360 works great but it won’t let me edit kd7 I hate that

  • yes work in PC

  • bigdaddy

    is there any codes for vc out ??

  • jaedan


    • recon205 .

      Can’t make a shot??? I’m on pro and I been scoring 36 to 50 points recently. My season average is 25 points 8 reboumds and 6 assist as a small forward. I have got like 11 triple doubles if not more already and Im on first year starting with 11 games left. If you shoot a lot like 30 field goals made or moss your chamce to make one is slim.

      • Stlouizsin

        How many minutes a quarter are you playing?

      • Mitch

        If you’re playing on Hall of Fame that definitely seems true. I lowered the difficulty to Superstar so I could make shots. It didn’t seem to matter on HoF though, if it wasn’t a perfect release, even if I was side open, it just didn’t go in.

  • Dre Kuykendall

    Is there any new locker codes for 2k14 or 2k13???

    • Jason

      Df we talking about 15

  • disqus_nsomWKpi3K

    where do dashes go for xbox 360

  • Fr13s

    Where do you input the codes for 360? I am this close to selling 2K15 unless I get my locker codes because the game glitches and sold my whole MyTeam.

  • polkat

    where i use the code where i have from preorder bonus;

    • Jason

      If u jade 15 it wouldn’t be a problem

  • Brock Brimble-Ellis

    I can’t put on my kd leg sleeves, can some please tell me how to put them on?
    I have already used the code and I hone have them I just don’t know where to go on the ps4 version

    • Brock Brimble-Ellis

      Don’t worry guys I found out how to do it

      • Mason

        how, where?

      • Jason


  • Shaqur

    I put my codes in for the pre-order bonus( on the day the servers were messed up), but I did not receive my KD myteam card, the free leg sleeves, or the free packs.

    • i STILL havent received mine man…opened a ticket with 2K, they sent an auto response saying they would get to it asap, that was over 2wks ago and they wont even respond now

      • Jason

        How do u order it

  • bonecollector

    Thx dawg got it instant kuddos!!!

  • DodgoX15

    does this work for the PC version?

    • bob


    • Jason

      He’ll no

  • Skinny

    PS3 my career an ps4 career different?? An why?


    How do u enter codes? I cant find the place in the game to go to enter the codes.

    • MrPolloLoco

      on the main screen, go to ‘Options / Features’ and go to ‘Locker Codes’ and type it in.

    • Correye Johnson

      Nav menu locker codes second to last box next to were u purchase vc coins

    • Hakeem Da Lion

      If you have a ps4 like I do, u have to go to connect to 2k sports server…after you make you’re account…restart the console and their should be new options, like 2k tv…go to options and you would see locker codes on the right hand side

  • cj

    Hello. i am having several problems with roster and other issues (360). can somebody contact me….

  • Samuel Omotade

    So i pre ordered the game for ps4 digitally and I have not received an email with my locker codes any suggestions

  • Komentra

    Servers must be getting hit hard. Unable to verify your code and still can’t get my pre-order bonuses yet. I figured 2k would be ready for this.

    • your dad

      Good for your ass. U probably a bum anyways

      • Komentra

        Dad, get off the internet. You know what mom says.

      • your dad

        That was a funny joke. (Sarcasm) But anyways you probably playing 2k for ps4 thats y u bum. Get your game up. And you can just spend money on vc like what you been doing for years to get your myplayer up. You dont need a measley 5000 huh. Lmfao

      • Komentra

        Not sure if trolling or just being stupid. Leaning towards trolling.

        Also, thanks for the note that it was sarcasm. I would of never guessed.

      • your dad

        Nah im just messing bro. It was messed up for me too. What i hated is the fact the servers suck like every year. Invest money on real servers that are dedicated. Not hard for a 5 on 5 game. And good connections play good connections. One bad connection could throw it off. U got 2k for xbox or ps4

      • Komentra

        I own both consoles but grabbed the PS4 version because it’s my preferred platform plus they gave playstation plus subscribers a “PS+ Card Pack” in MyTEAM with gave me Kyrie Irving 😀

    • Gotti31

      You have to put the code in including the dashes, that’s how I got mine to work.

      • Komentra

        Oh, i got the VC. I just forgot to update my post. It showed up after about 5 mins of my first edit.