44 Things We Know About NBA 2K15 (GameInformer)

Posted September 25, 2014 by Simon in News


GameInformer has posted their hands-on preview of NBA 2K15. They’ve posted a list of 44 facts about NBA 2K15 spread across a few different areas of the game, namely presentation, gameplay, MyCAREER, MyLEAGUE, MyTEAM and 2K Heroes.

Here is a preview on what Bertz had to say on his hands-on time with the game:


  • As requested, NBA 2K15 ditches the simplistic menus from last year in favor of a much more visually stimulating user interface.
  • The centerpiece of the new menu is 2KTV, a new weekly streaming in-game broadcast hosted by Rachel DeMita. No stranger to hoop life, DeMita is a former McDonald’s All-American nominee who played college basketball at Old Dominion.
  • 2KTV is a Visual Concepts produced show created to highlight community happenings (such as calling out leaderboard leaders, contest winners, or impressive user highlights), discuss game updates or strategies with developers, and showcase behind-the-scenes footage of the NBA lifestyle with some of your favorite players.
  • The year brings back the pre-game show starring Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal, who analyze the matchup. Shaq will showcase his signature sense of humor as well.
  • On-court visual enhancements include scanning close to 100 percent of the league players, including rookies. One of the most noticeable improvements is the animated hair, which now moves instead of looking painted onto the player sculpts.
  • A new create-a-player interface gives you more tools than ever before to create players you can place on NBA rosters. You can tweak everything from forehead and jawline to ears, eyes, and lips. Many of the facial features and hairstyles are pulled from other NBA players, so if you want to rock the Ginobli bald spot with the sharp Artest cheekbones you can.


  • To help players who have trouble locking down the timing for particular players, Visual Concepts has built a new dynamic shot meter. This colored meter makes it easier to tell when your player is in a range where he is comfortable shooting from, as well as noting where hot and cold spots are for players. An indicator gives you a visual cue of when to release the shot, which is helpful since various players have different optimal release points.
  • The new shooting system is not meant to be a shot meter that guarantees you making the shot. It’s just a learning mechanism for teaching the player where the release is. The developers adjusted the way the programming calculates your chance of making a shot to make it more dependent on your timing instead of behind-the-scenes parameters. That said, the system is smart enough to make sure players aren’t sinking 100-percent of their shots when they have a hand in their face or when shooting from a cold spot even if their timing was right on.
  • To improve the defense and make A.I. players look more in control, Visual Concepts fixed how they move in small spaces, making it look less frantic. They are much better at avoiding overreactions and react more fluidly when adjusting to offensive movement. Since they stay at home, it’s easier to re-orient yourself when you switch to a new defender as well.
  • The developers spent time working on collisions to bring more realistic contact into the paint. You should see more post-contact animations and a reduced amount of clipping. If you go up for a dunk and get hit before you see the rim, you see the guy spill out and completely miss the shot instead of finishing it.


  • Last’s years role-playing experience complete with cutscenes was a big hit with fans, so Visual Concepts is doubling down with another story featuring a new player of your creation (your player from last year will not import into the game).
  • Instead of focusing on relationships with made up characters like last year’s rival Jackson Ellis, NBA 2K15 focuses on team relationships and learning to play the game of basketball correctly.
  • To achieve this goal, Visual Concepts recorded audio with players from every NBA team, so no matter which squad you end up on you will have interactions with a mentor player. 
  • Instead of going through the draft process, you begin as an undrafted free agent who is hot under the collar because he was overlooked on draft day. Your agent works to get you tryouts with multiple teams. 
  • You choose which team to try out for, but you must keep in mind what the depth chart looks like. A handy hub screen gives you a quick glance at the current depth chart as well as the grade you’ll need to reach to receive a job offer. If you want to crack the roster of a great team with depth, you will need to have a lights-out performance.
  • Once you sign that first 10-day contract, it’s up to you to make the most of the opportunity and carve a permanent position on the roster.

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