NBA 2K14 Locker Codes – Random Item (PS4/XBX1)

Posted September 13, 2014 by Simon in Locker Codes


NBA 2K has released an all new locker code and it is a random locker code. You can get anything from Diamond Durant/Diamond KD to 100 VC coins.

Locker Codes for Free Random Item Expire: Sunday 11:59 PM PT



Comment Below on what you got!


  • Jaylon Mark

    what is the locker code

  • sneaky pete

    Y do they expire smh fawkin dumb

  • ✈︎HoopersGame✈︎


  • Kingsley Smith

    got 20000 vc, awsome

    • Lilcurry30


  • Terin Washington

    dunk packege

  • josh

    100vc why 2k why

  • 2kGamer2014

    More locker codes here, just to share. Got some here >>

    • Harold David

      Thank you for sharing this dude! 20k VCs!! Yeah! :p

    • Carlos P.

      Hahahaha cool!! 50k VCs for me!! Thank you.

    • Peter Paul

      Not bad! Diamond Durant!! :)) Great!

    • HackerBoyXXX

      Great thanks a lot!! 20k VCs!

    • Martin D.

      10k VCs! thanks!

    • Leo

      Nice! Got mine too!! Thanks for sharing this one

    • Vince

      Thanks! 50k VCs for me! 🙂

    • mangbhoy

      This is fake.

  • andre guerra

    on ps3 here it doesn’t work. have they expired?

    what about the vc generator? can u guys sort that out? via download withou those fuckin surveys?

    • Matt Myers

      Its a virus

      • Matt Myers

        Also make sure letters are in caps and you add the dashes. Both codes worked for me on ps3 xbox 360 section

      • andre guerra

        i tried a hundred times those 2 for old gen in my ps3. I hope this shit doesn’t happen on 2k15