NBA 2K15 New Rating System, Only Four Players Over 90

Posted September 3, 2014 by Simon in News


2K Sports has announced the player ratings in NBA 2K15 have changed for this year. This was revealed by NBA 2K15 community manager Chris Manning on Twitter.
He said this game has a new “ratings system”. He also said that only four current NBA players have a rating of over “90 at launch”.

Cover star Kevin Durant is himself rated a 95. The other three players remain unrevealed, and Chris wants fans to make predictions.

There are many top players potentially in the running to be over 90. Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, LeBron James, Russel Westbrook, James Harden, Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard.

Who do you think are the four best current NBA players that will have the highest ratings in NBA 2K15?


  • skip2miloo

    listen lbj 97, MELO7 92, CP3 91, DROSE 91-93

  • charbel touma

    russell Westbrook 91
    LBJ 96
    Kd 95 or 96
    tim duncan 90 or 89
    D wade 90 ( because this season without lebron he will be a great player)

  • The Viper

    1. LBJ: Is a guaranteed a above 90 player. Best player on the planet, enough said.

    2. Kevin Durant: Cover player. The current, reigning MVP.

    3. Blake Griffin: Last season was dominant. Improved his scoring, defense, and intensity.

    4. Carmelo Anthony: The most technical scorer in the league. However he plays no defense and is a stat stuffer. Can argue whether he is a 90 or not.

    The NOT 90s: Kobe Bryant (injured), Derrick Rose (return from injury), Paul George (if he didn’t get hurt, may be), Chris Paul (close = 88), Dwight Howard (88), Tim Duncan (10 years ago maybe, still gifted but not 90 plus), Harden (unproven star)

  • Elias Svanberg

    Why even mention Kobe? Just because he was the best player in the world once doesn’t mean he’s one of them now. He’s lucky if he even is rated as one of the 50 best players in the game.

    • Haze

      I agree

  • D Rock Shock

    Tim Duncan, Kobe,LBJ,Durant
    Where’s my cookie ; )

  • Nikola Jelic

    Kobe , James , Westbrook

  • Zigmantas

    Harden? Are you kidding? He doesn’t diserve to be in this list…

    • Haze

      He wont be over 85.. he lack defensive intensity

  • Jay Skizzie

    Lebron Melo Chris Paul