NBA 2K15 – The New “MyLeague” Mode details

Posted August 8, 2014 by Simon in News


2K Sports yesterday announced a mode for NBA 2K15 called MyLeague exclusive to the Xbox One and PS4 versions. Per Steve Noah of Operation Sports, who broke the news, here are some of the things fans will be able to control and/or include in their My League experience:

  • Customized Rosters
  • Season length (14/29/58/82 games)
  • Play a single season or 80-year franchise 
  • Postseason series lengths
  • Fantasy drafts
  • Salary cap (decide whether to have a cap or if there will be a hard cap)
  • Trade logic settings
  • General settings, including team chemistry, lineup management and prospect scouting
  • Difficulty settings
  • Trade negotiations difficulty
  • Contract negotiation difficulty
  • CPU re-signing aggressiveness
  • Morale difficulty and effects
  • Chemistry difficulty and effects
  • Trade frequency settings
  • Blockbuster-trade frequency
  • Injury effects
  • Draft-class quality (full customizing and editing of draft classes)
  • Full create-a-player option
  • Player-progression rate
  • In-season training effects
  • Player non-financial ambitions factor
  • Normalize play to simulate minutes
  • Manage or play with all teams

The biggest addition has to be the “Injuries 2.0″ system. Here’s what Jones and Boenisch had to say about it:

“With ‘Injuries 2.0’, every player has a unique durability rating for 16 different body parts (think left foot, right foot, left ankle, right ankle, etc.). This level of control allows us to pick a player like Russell Westbrook and say that he has a right knee with a significantly higher chance of getting injured than his left knee, or any other body part for that issue. In short, player injuries are going to be a lot more relevant, and a lot less random.”

Also of note, some of these features will transfer to the completely separate MyGM mode.